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Social Media Marketing– A combination of Technology and Marketing.

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Marketing has always been one of the key influencer to attract the customers to buy the products. Advertising is not about just to reach to the audience or about reaching to the correct audience who can be your prospective customers and are willing to buy the product or services to satisfy their needs.Social media, in today’s time has played a very crucial role by helping the companies to reach its customers. Today social media has been very active with so many software applications which bring people closer and also interact with known as well as unknown people easily.

Earlier company had a limited scope of advertising through mail, television, radio and newspaper. Among all these types of advertising, television only has a maximum range along with newspaper. But as time changed with a revolution in technology, there has been existence of various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. which are popular these days.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing uses websites and various social media platforms for marketing of various products and services of the company. Various search engines are the main target of the companies in order to increase brand awareness of their product and services. However, search engine optimization is just one small part of the social media marketing.

So, when we speak about social media marketing it comprises of using all the popular software applications, search engines and other social media methods to create awareness about the product or services, its usage and quality.

How can companies use Social Media Marketing for their brand awareness?

Brand awareness: Social media helps companies to create their brand by reaching to more number of customers than any other tool of advertising. Unlike word of mouth publicity or television advertising where you cannot share your opinion or rather share it but to limited people, through social media it can reach to all the people associated.

Developing communities: Developing communities can be very useful for companies because through communities the product can be marketed easily. Honest and positives reviews of the product and services can help companies to increase its customer base and also generate customer loyalty towards the brand.

Focus on customer service:When we speak about social media marketing, it’s important for the companies to take customer reviews and opinions seriously and product efficient customer services to the customer. Without customer service, companies cannot expect positive results from social media marketing.

Digital exposure:today every company is trying hard to reduce customer’s pain and digitalize the product and services for customer’s happiness. Banks today don’t need customers to visit their branch or every single issue or services. Everything from withdrawals to transferring money to someone else can be done through internet or now also through mobile applications.


Social media marketing is the current trend and comparatively less costly marketing tool for the companies to reach to maximum number of customers easily. How companies uses this tool to get ahead in this cut throat competition is the most important question.

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