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  • kaylabelle said:
    Will you please put \"Your Star\" up here/ It is most definitely the awesomest (I think I just made up a word) song on the new album. I saw on EvThreads there\'s going to be another DVD in june/july...that\'s so awesome! and by the by, some person on YouTube keeps saying that after this tour, you\'re taking a two year break... is that true? Since you can\'t reply to me, you could maybe post a blog and get rid of the rumors, or put up something on EvThreads, cause there\'s some really nasty arguments springing up about it... Dec 02
  • kaylabelle said:
    This is Kayla, from the...undiscovered...band Twilight Symphony. We just sent you a friend request...and we were wondering...are we allowed to ut up a cover of My Immortal? Because we would really like to...because we pretty much worship you. Anyways, thanks...um, when we put music up, please check us out. Aug 29
  • radioheadxouch said:
    greatest female singer i\'ve heard eva!!!! you rock amy!!!!! Aug 05
  • kaylabelle said:
    The DTE Family Values Tour was AMAZING! Amy, you have such an amazing stage prescence...I had waited so long for to see you guys and you all made it everything and more that I had expected. Thank you. By the way, me and my little cult of Ev fans...okay, maybe not CULT...have wondered what we should be calling you now, Amy. Should we still call you Amy Lee? Or Amy Hartzler? Or Amy Lee-Hartzler? If you could maybe tell me, I\'ll pass on the word, and all will be well. :-) Jul 31
  • Evanescent Demon said:
    The show at DTE was the best time I\'ve ever had in my whole life! Me and my friends rocked to every song and sang all the words! It was amazing! Jul 26
  • _martinita said:
    Amy Lee ...a love you...... Jul 20
  • SWUFAE said:
    THERE IS A HIGHER POWER!!! U HAVE THE FACTS RIGHT! some sights out there in the worldstillHAVEJOHNANDROCKY!!! well AWESOME SITES!! Jul 04
  • radioheadxouch said:
    you rule amy! put on missing, thats such a good song Jul 04
  • crazyrycan777 said:
    amy lee is the definition of beauty Jun 28
  • Evanescent Demon said:
    Amy, you\'re my hero! I love you guys, I\'ve been you\'re guys\' fan forever and always will be! Jun 28
  • Evanescent Demon said:
    I can NOT wait to see you guys at DTE...I\'ve been waiting for four years to see you, it\'s gong to be the BEST! Good luck with the other shows on the FVT. Jun 28
  • Mandy[Misery] said:
    you guys are cool Jun 10
  • Morganisamazing said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 10
  • said:
    i love you guys you were AWSOME when you came to corpus next time yall are comming with korn and flyleaf i CANT WAIT keep it up Jun 01
  • Evanescent Demon said:
    I love you guys. I really do. Sorry to hear about Rocky and John. I really wanna get tics to the DTE event in MI, so I hope I see you guys soon! May 31
  • KAITLIN :: RAWR said:
    evanescance is awesome!! May 18
  • xxmyblackparadexx said:
    omg amy lee\'s voice is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Apr 10
  • oh_you_love_to_hate_me said:
    WHOOO I LOVE EVanescence ha Mar 28
  • nick_is_kool said:
    this is one of the best bands these days and i like them if u dnt up urs Mar 20
  • n0 t3 em0xioNeZ Mi3rDa said:
    toda esperanza se pierde sobre la zombra alkaer la lloviznazollozante de mi pielal profundo ya sin retono !! t3 j0de lo k v3z.. Mar 18