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  • METAL JOSH said:
    evanescence rules Jan 20
  • kayla hill said:
    I love yall!! Amy your the most incredible singer in the world!!!! Mar 13
  • !!MyFinalWinter!! said:
    U guys helped me through som bad stuff so thanx and u guy r amazing Jan 24
  • *she screams my name* said:
    amy lee Aug 16
  • The Unblack Vampire said:
    Hey people!!! Check this out: ISHI - death/black metal www.purevolume.com/ISHI27083 Jan 25
  • Eski of MORPHINE KILLER said:
    Whats up guys? If anyone out there likes Gothic Metal with female and male vocals, add us! We're a combination of Evanescence, Heart, Metallica, Zao, Bleeding Through, and Tool. www.purevolume.com/morphinekiller Jun 24
  • gotheliot said:
    adoro evanescence es lo maximo Jun 20
  • Sequoia Smith said:
    I love sweet sacrifice May 22
  • live_for_me said:
    Join Passerby Army(Flyleaf's official fanclub) for $25 for a year's membership, and put "fullyalive" in the referred by box (that's my UN, just FYI) upon sign up to help me win this beautiful guitar, signed by the band. I'm currently in the top three eligible! Please help me (and Flyleaf!) out now. =) In Passerby Army, you get the chance to win amazing merchandise, tickets, meet and greet passes, etc. Plus, every member recieves an official members only PA t-shirt, access to the online forums, and pictures and news about the band that no where else can give to you. http://www.passerbyarmy.com Apr 21
  • Cat Meyer said:
    I hope you don't just suddenly vanish. Your my favorite band and i would die if you just vanish! Please don't go anywhere! Mar 02
  • Anna said:
    I love you guys ^_^ your the greatest, i hope i will get to see you live someday ^-^ Jan 24
  • raptorsite1 said:
    Amy Lee is so damn gorgeous Jan 22
  • [GuiltySmiles&StarryEyes] said:
    You wer awesum in Oz!! thanks for comming!! plz plz plz come again!! i love your song 'loose control' you guys are wikid, love u's heaps! Oct 30
  • ♥ -Allie- ♥ said:
    wen u came to oz i so wanted to go! i wasn't allowed ='[ luv u guys xx Oct 29
  • private_iLLusion said:
    i lurve u amylee...u rowk da world!! Oct 28
  • withering away said:
    I love you guys!!!! my favorite is lithium!! its the only song that helps during hard times!! Oct 21
  • Aubrey_Undercover said:
    I love you guys!!! [i have since like forever ago] Amy Lee has an incredible voice!! yall are amazing :D ♥ Oct 13
  • Mari Delaterra =) said:
    Oh my God.....i Love u guys... I lovee you soo much... Let's go to Brazil!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!! ♥ Jul 18
  • IxLovesxKaleexBitchesx said:
    WOW Amy Lee has such a beautiful voice! Her songs are so depressing but beautiful! Loves you guys! Jun 26
  • I'm not goth I'm a ninja said:
    i got your new album fallen.... its awesome and amy has the voice of an angel i wish my sister sounded like amy !!:] May 16