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Genres: Metal / Rock / Other

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

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RAVENLAND - Gothic - Rock Band

The band was born in the winter of 1997 idealized by Dewindson Wolfheart.The music of band its a mix between the heavy of METAL, in a melancholic and haunted atmosphear of GOTHIC with the simplicity of ROCK eighten years.

In the beguining, the line-up was formed by Andre Cardoso(Guitar), Clecio Christian(Bass) and Alexandre Brito (Drums), but after 2 years the line up has changes, and so Dewindson called for to play in the RAVENLAND great friends like Geffson (Guitar) Dora (Keys and Vocals) and others...

In this age the band released the follow demo records, "October of ..." in 1998, "Live at Kalimar" in 2000, in that year the band sign with the Moonshadows brazilian label for to record, to release and to distribute the official debut CD tittled "After the Sun Hides".

In 2001, the band receive a invites for to participate of brazilian tribute CD to grecys band Rotting Christ, recorded a new version gothic for the song "Among Two Storms" from Dead Poem album, getting a great destak in the compilation by the diference of the other extreme bands.

But in 2002 the band has some problems with your label that dont get to release the oficial debut CD, this and other problems like in line-up resulted in a pit stop.

After 3 years, Dewindson knows Camilla (violino,vocal and keyboard) and become lovers, after few months they formed a new project under the name of Opus Nocturne, but later change the name of project for RAVENLAND, cause the musical ideals are the same kind and style like before, so like the musicality, lyrics and the same caracteristic vocal, beyond the Dewindson be the creator of RAVENLAND band.
So joined to the band Albanes (guitars) and Rick (drums), beyond of help of a friend Jhon Cross in the Bass sessions.

Line up 2006:
* Dewindson Wolfheart - Vocal
* Camilla Franklin - Vocal/Violino e Teclados
* Albanes - Guitarras
* Rick - Bateria


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Oct 20, 2006

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Aug 20, 2006

Live at Kalimar

Nov 30, 1999

Tribute to Darkness

Nov 30, 1999

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2006 New York City plane crash, United States

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