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Evolution is here. The new album Evolution by LTC


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap

Location: Boston, MA

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4 tracks

Members: LTC (Lightning the Cape Verdean)

LTC - Press Release

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Evolution by LTC was released on June 5th 2013

Evolution by LTC is a journey. From the beginning the artist LTC starts out with a song titled "Hip Hop Reminisce". In this song LTC dedicates the album "Evolution" to his deceased little brother Manuel Antonio DePina. LTC starts in the today of Hip Hop and represents strong for his city and music. He flexes his muscles by saying "slap your ass so hard you feel it on your Facebook - page"

By the second verse LTC goes back to earlier Hip Hop by mentioning some rappers from the time like Special ED. and displaying some smooth rap lyrics. The reminiscing continues by the third verse talking about LTC's earlier thug days. Ultimately the song comes to the end and LTC speaks about his brother and how much his brother is missed. LTC talks to his brother and closes the song. The song shows LTC's love for Hip Hop as well as the nostalgic feeling from the music and the time when his brother was still alive.

The CD goes back and fourth between LTC's earlier days which is represented in some of the music to his current state of mind and the Evolution occurs. Toward the end of the CD LTC sends a message in the song "Where is Crackhead?" The message is that drugs are bad. This is also an evolution because LTC earlier speaks about his own relationship with drugs and at time glorifies the usage of drugs.

The emcee LTC goes through an Evolution in this one album where most other emcees who have gone through this evolution has done it through a course of five or more albums. LTC has a griddy sounding voice in some songs and a more smooth approach and delivery in some other songs. LTC at some point keeps it old skool, other times he is in your face gangster showcasing his growing up in the tough streets of Boston, specifically Roxbury also known as the Berry. LTC's music will have you dancing, laughing, thinking, and will stir up some Hip Hop nostalgic memories in you that you might have forgotten at some point.

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