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Silver Earrings Adorning Your Personality

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The emerging form of jewellery is sterling silver jewellery. It is captivating because of its luster and numerous designs and shapes. It is available in every form. They suit you in a ballroom as well as in your living room. Silver is best for earrings because it is less likely to cause any kind of allergy. so women can wear their dangling long silver earrings whenever and wherever they want.

Availability of silver earrings in numerous forms has made it easy to choose when and where to wear them. Small studs look classic when attending any corporate meeting while silver hoops are appreciable at parties and night clubs. Not only the place decides the shape of your earring even the type of hairstyle affects the earrings. If you have short hair or you have tied them back then short sparkling earrings or studs will suit your style as they will be visible and give an amazing look to your face.  With long hair go with long silver earrings because silver studs are less likely to be visible.

Silver can be used with many gemstones whether they are crystals or other colourful stones. Silver adorns each and every piece. Silver mixed with diamond crystals is probably the piece of jewellery but it may fall out of your budget. Then also there is no problem because there are many other precious stones and crystals which will give the same look within your budget. You can choose cubic zirconia , sea shells or wood. Silver is a perfect compliment for each.

The shape of your face is another factor affecting your choice of silver earrings. If your face is big or in other way you are plump enough then do not wear big earrings or round ones. Go with long earrings and if you have a small face then big or round earrings will suit you. If your face has oval shape then any design will suit you. Dangling earrings are the most appealing and pleasing ones. They are mostly suitable on some occasions or special functions.

Wearing jewellery is an art and for women it is a kind of way that enhances their beauty in some or the other way. It is not only about earrings any piece of jewellery is a piece of beauty.After all it is you only who will have to try new designs and shapes and find out what looks better on your face and hairstyle. These are merely some suggestions which might help you in choosing the best piece for you.


Posted Jan 20, 2016 at 2:31am