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Radio Rescue

New EP "The Soundtrack to Second Place" 4.5.13


Genres: Pop Punk

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Stats: 117 fans / 3,812 plays / 43 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mike "Hertzy" Hertsenberg, Ricky Uhlenbrock, Michael Wedig, Sam Shea, Brian Gilbert, Caleb Smith

Ready or Not - EP - Radio Rescue


  • DaniDisappeared said:
    Awesome! nice sound =) Feb 03
  • Krystal said:
    You guys have some good stuff! Jan 02
  • kitty said:
    my ears are orgasming from litening to this cx Nov 05
  • Syrena Emma Lena said:
    Thanks a lot for the message! I really like your sound!! :) Apr 02
  • Emily said:
    Genius cover! thanks for the message:) Mar 25
  • Fan Music_Online said:
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  • Kookies Bites said:
  • Skulsic said:
    WOW! I love the cover! Makes me want to dance :)) Feb 24
  • Alisia Robinson said:
    My word :3 Awesomeness :D Feb 19
  • ellen! said:
    wow :O you guys are real good ! Feb 12
  • d.Rf * said:
    Feb 11
  • Karla Maye Carreon said:
    Under The Sea cover ROOOOCKS!!! I love it!! Please make more Disney song covers. Feb 10
  • Ashley_says_fuck..alot! said:
    omg :D. i love little mermaid let alone her songs. and then turned into this. ♥ ima buy your music my next payday(: yall are awesome Feb 01
  • RoxiiPetz said:
    lol under the sea Jan 23
  • Bryan Sheard said:
    this is pretty darn sweet i'm not even gonna lie. that under the sea cover is super groovy i love it Jan 22

Ready or Not

Dec 17, 2011

Under the Sea

No release date

Stull Hee

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Pam Harris

Mbabane, Swaziland


Roma, Italy


Perth, Australia


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London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom

Jordan Jensen

Ogden, UT

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