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Radio Deadspace


Genres: Rock / Pop / Experimental

Location: USA

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4 tracks

Members: Matt, Jay, Joey, Nick

One stormy night many moons ago, the planets aligned in such a way that was unknown to the world at the time. After some explosions, some flying sparks, and some smoke, 4 young souls were placed on a path that would eventually lead to each other then onward toward the stratosphere and beyond. They would call themselves Radio Deadspace. They entered the fray in 2003 and quickly dominated the Maryville scene with a sound not-often heard by local bands. The guitars were loud, proud, and driving. The drums and bass were melded together and pounded with ferocity. The singing was melodic, energetic, and uplifting. Their live shows quickly became the stuff of legends around Maryville, with fans filling up local venues beyond their capacity. The shows were pure energy as the crowd waited impatiently for Radio Deadspace to take the stage, and Radio Deadspace were ready as well. Radio Deadspace then set their eyes to bigger cities and venues and played to even larger crowds regionally and grabbed the attention of crowds even while being a mere opening band. They played in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and more to an always more-than receptive crowd that instantly was won over with the music they were bringing. Radio Deadspace then took a break that eventually became a breaking up of sorts. Most fans wondered "Why?" and eventually the band members felt the same question creeping up in their hearts. They were asked to play a local show at Springbrook park just for fun, for friends to enjoy the music that once was. But when it was over, Radio Deadspace was beginning again. They added a 4th member, Nick Grahl, to the lineup. His knack for writing and technical guitar skills instantly fit perfectly in the Radio Deadspace puzzle. For the last few months, they have been writing, rehearsing, recording, and putting the pieces into place to emerge and become a major player in the Knoxville scene and beyond! Radio Deadspace is back and is most definitely better than ever!



  • ASHLEY1of10 said:
    Thanks for the free poster and sticker at Rock the Park 2! you guys rock. God bless!! Aug 17

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Radio Deadspace

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