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Relay for life this Saturday at First Coast High!


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Pop

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Stats: 224 fans / 1,856 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Aimee Ortiz , Todd Low,

Hello, we're Radagun. Todd and I started this band in California in 2008, but then we moved to a different state to get away from some people we hate. Now we're in Florida and everything's great. Come see us perform on our next tour date.

I'm just kidding, we don't hate anybody...it just rhymed =)

We're not here to change the world, we're not trying to define our generation, and we're not trying to blow your mind with our superior intelligence. We're just here to have fun.


  • triad kid (death is mine) said:
    i like sceam o it is better Mar 29
  • triad kid (death is mine) said:
    this da shite Mar 29
  • Jared said:
    Fuck yeah!! :) Mar 19
  • Ostensibly So... said:
    ummm i think i love you. =]] Oct 02
  • amandaxfersure said:
    you guys are really good! Oct 01
  • 333 said:
    oh yeaahhh Sep 04
  • Cassandra said:
    I love the feel to this music. You will go far! Come to Oregon! Mar 30
  • Cassandra said:
    I love the feel to this music. You will go far! Come to Oregon! Mar 30
  • dancingsushi♥ said:
    great :] great. great. love it! Mar 28
  • EmOLAuR said:
    You guys are sweet!! hope you go far!! and when you get big come over to London :) Mar 24
  • marisa! said:
    y'all are amazing! Mar 21
  • Stephni said:
    that's right the girl kicks ass for sure ! i love it ! x Mar 19
  • Darren said:
    lead singer kicks ass, unreal guys. hope yous go far, i know you can. !!!! Mar 19
  • Gabby white said:
    omg! you have amazing music :) Mar 19
  • Stephanie! Stephanie! said:
    There are no free downloads. for that I am sad. But you are good, and for that I am happy. From Now is super good. Mar 17

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