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, Are also at the forefront of their fields disappeared for a time, also at the beginning of the new season wearing thousands of hoped to return. Certainly, such of claims is forced, but d ROSE 4 to I a such of feels, after all old shoes fans is cannot ignored ADIDAS of once, also really hopes these once can continued evaluation group for everyone brings of is so-called away color, black mainly of uppers match Red embellishment of laces, shoes tongue Shang dotting of Ross personal trademark, whole double shoes low-key losing bright eye, especially uppers of dark lines in Sun

Very shiny. By medial part is an extension of crazyquick soles, added muscle to the streamlined shoe. TPU tray followed by a grey and Red classic three-stripe, is an extension of brand culture, played by a high degree of identification. * @+ r- ]( i' l' I2 ]/ }5 m; } . V$ h. Q7 l (n U7 l; d:N in the comfort of this connection, d ROSE 4 has both good and bad. # |: v+ Q- v' ~" l4 l; E9 ^; S first can be said to be at the end of a very hard, although in practice many times there is "stepping on open" feeling, but compared to the other popular style was little

There is insufficient. (G2 {C6 r; B5 j second, uppers aspects used has seamless hot technology, just Shang feet of feels is like business shoes, uppers stiff, but with wearing time increased, uppers adidas energy boost 2 uk  will produced folds, overall of feels more fitting double feet, and just Shang feet Shi of feels different, and from above of close-up can see, combat repeatedly zhihou uppers of overall appearance an  adidas basket profi up uk  d no obviously of folding marks, wipe clean Hou far see on like a double new shoes, compared to tradition



Posted Mar 09, 2015 at 2:13am