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Quest Theory


Genres: Rock / Reggae / Bluegrass

Location: Jackson, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Steven Sherak, Joshua Mooers, Brandon Revilla, Mike Sojkowski, J. Goger Malo

After several years of successful touring as Live Room, Nomadic Design
and then The Abajo, members of all three bands have regrouped stronger
than ever and united as Quest Theory. The Quest Theory sound combines
elements of rock, reggae and bluegrass in an original progressive mix.

Creative songwriting and insightful lyrics are brought to life by solid musicianship and textured vocal harmonies. With musical vision, emotional impact and artistic expression at the center of the Quest Theory ethos, 'A Second is too Long' spans the range of Reggae, Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz, Funk, Folk and Electronica all within
the course of sixty-three minutes. Quest Theory demonstrate on this new
album that American music can appeal to a wide variety of international
tastes and will be touring to the ends of the earth with their music.

Highlight tracks from the new album include:

. Baja - an upbeat song about intense offshore adventures in Baja,
Mexico which includes an emotional plea to return to the scene which is played out over a rock waltz

. I Might - mid tempo rock folk song in the driving spirit of the Led Zeppelin III album which involves and revolves around inner turmoil

. Dazzling Monkey - fast paced greasy funk rock style song about
technological development, de-evolution and musings on whether progress means that everything is getting better

. Mixed Intentions - grooving reggae rock that can make even the hardest
of hearts feel that there is hope in a confusing world

. Not a Love Song - heartfelt reggae skank that really just might be a love song



A Second is too Long

Dec 27, 2007