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quarantined past

lo-fi melodic, up-beat depression - listen.


Genres: Indie / Experimental / Acoustic

Location: New Haven, CT

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4 tracks

Members: betsy bissell

I started this music project in 2003 because i wanted to record my thoughts and stories in a unique way. Before my mother passed away in May of 2004, i always to play & sing quietly since she was usually sick in the next room. after, i gradually starting singing louder and playing all the time. i don't think i'll ever stop writing and recording music. it's just something that i do.

I love collaborating with other musicians (the weirder the better) so email or comment below if you're interested.


listen, read the lyrics. If you click on the 4 albums you can hear all 30 songs I have uploaded.


I've recorded 90% of these songs with the sound recorder feature that came with windows xp, a microphone attached to a cheap digital camera, an acoustic guitar i bought at costco, occasionally my fender strat or my telecaster. lately, i've upgrade my recording techniques, but not by much.

my main influences for this project have been,
elliott smith, the raveonettes, the pixies, neutral milk hotel, kimya dawson,
cat power, pavement, built to spill, bush, mirah, daniel johnston, the beatles (particularly john lennon's lo-fi home recorded demos), street art, good friends, love, ex-loves, loss, insanity, meditation, boston, new york city, new haven, the underdogs of the world, way too many cigarettes and late nights.


  • ashleysashes said:
    My friend introduced me to your music about a year ago and i have been hooked since. Simply beautiful. Oct 27
  • jenny said:
    hi i stumbled upon your site the other day. had to say i am absolutely in love with your voice, your vibe, your lyrics, your eyes.... lol ..... wish i lived close enough to play drums with you. Apr 10
  • alex said:
    soooo amazing Dec 07
  • Astronomical said:
    I love your style, keep it up. You have talent :) Oct 08
  • casey said:
    you my friend are very talented your music is wonderful =) keep it up you bring smiles to everyone who catches your noise =) May 19
  • Psychedelic Mess said:
    i love the sound. Apr 12
  • irepdtr said:
    you are a great writer, i love your songs and voice so much.. id love to play soft drums to it i cant find anyone where i live who waants to lay this :( you are great Jan 10
  • Little Dark Riding Hood said:
    "im designating colors to sins now, it's as useless as you and your cellophane blindfolds"- ive been writing since i was 7 years old.. it takes a lot to impress me.. this impresses me. you are really talented girl. love your low tech high quality feel. thanks Dec 31
  • dantesinfernoinmyhead said:
    good music, like the lyrics Jul 01
  • ginamarly said:
    i put your shit on a mix the other day. fucking amazingcool. May 16
  • EmptyGaze420 said:
    Oh my goodness... its my dear friend betsy bissell. I like it... its... calming... for lack of a better term. I really like that first song... black ice. Mar 06
  • abbeygooroundd said:
    i love your music. your an inspiration to mee i Dec 02
  • ginamarly said:
    fucking amazing. Nov 18
    I Nov 03
  • acidrainparade said:
    your about the most lovelyest song writer/maker that ive ever heard. Your music and words also inspire me. Your beutifull- Ashley Oct 20


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