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Pure Distraction


Genres: Electronic / House / Other

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Jake Malone

these are some electronic songs i made. thanks for listening, hope you enjoy.

also: if you're interested, check out my other band, Kinch. i play the drums.

thanks for listening.

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email: info@puredistraction.com
aim: prdstrctn


  • qwertyuiopqwertyuiop said:
    Seriously, this guy bakes my potatoes. May 04
  • qwertyuiopqwertyuiop said:
    Still sounds as fresh as a daisy. May 04
  • Lauren said:
    Kickass remix to Eleanor Rigby! I'm a crazy fan of The Beatles. Love your sound :) Nov 02
  • Dennis Semprini said:
    cool stuff. my bro and i ar sitting here listening and he is rockin out! keep it goin! May 31
  • Dennis Semprini said:
    cool stuff. my bro and i ar sitting here listening and he is rockin out! keep it goin! May 31
  • H%-e%-R%-m%-%-i%-T% said:
    thanxs- your music is my perfect distraction Oct 29
  • Just Like HEAVEN said:
    Quite Lovely! I\'ve been working on some stuff for about 2 months now...I never thought someone could successfully remix a song by The Beatles...but damn, you did a very good job on that! -_^All of your songs are amazing. Keep it up! -sXc- Oct 02
  • dreamofgod said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 15
  • H%-e%-R%-m%-%-i%-T% said:
    your fucking shit is awsome, you took my distraction to other level, if you know want i mean Mar 28
  • 1mewithoutyoufan said:
    Wow....God, your good! You sound great! This is my kinda jam, how unfortunate you just can\'t find enough of it. Don\'t stop what your doin, really!! Your goin somewhere with this talent you have, your gonna make it big. This is the future of everything music, you have to agree. We\'re, as a whole, outgrowing mainstream, and sounds like you got what it takes for the driver\'s seat. Just don\'t let go!!! 2 years from now, this will be radio!! Don\'t ever stop, you\'ve got it!! Mar 06
  • FreeWorlder said:
    Great fucking electronica. Nov 15
  • Bloody Sugar Doll said:
    i just finished listening to all of your songs. pretty tight Nov 15
  • deean said:
    GREAT music I Nov 10
  • Jorge. said:
    like the mixes dude! where can i get your cd! what is the name of your album!? Nov 02
  • noiwontturnmymusicdown said:
    i love your stuff!!! im downloading like everythird song just so i wont bog my comp down to much, keep it up! Jan 29

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