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Genres: Acoustic / Pop

Location: Other

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4 tracks

A 22 year old singaporean aspiring singer-songwriter

ASSURING TEDDY EP the debut album is out now! Get yours today!

For more details, visit assuringteddy.blogspot.com

Cheers mates!


  • Frankquophy Awuku Hanyabui said:
    This is a great masterpiece, punkd1 you have what it takes to be a legend. Oct 08
  • ChelChel said:
    Awesome (: Keep it up! Mar 05
  • Jiajun said:
    hey..cn add me to msn or facebook? here is my email address : kinshira_skullangel@hotmail.com and my facebook name : Kinshira Ayamin If gt any new song cn send me? I so freaking love ur song espcially the song "Beautiful"..it dam nice!! Hope you can release ur album soon..Good Luck!! Dun worry..i will be the first one to buy ur abum..HEHE!! May 01
  • Thaís Liemi Oshiro said:
    hum.. jantei.. eu pegava em AHUEOHIUAE çeeera Nov 14
  • Kent said:
    Hi, I love the songs which you uploaded and the short film, "letter" which touch my heart! May I know how to download the songs? As I have problem download it. =( Jun 01
  • Jiayi said:
    is there a way to download the songs ? = May 05
  • Thaís Liemi Oshiro said:
    Hiiii :D Im from Brazil and I like your songs. :D When do you gonna do a concert here in Brazil?? Do you have msn? kisses :* Mar 22
  • retardrater said:
    you guys rock. awesome guitar played. Jan 20
  • underpher24 said:
    hey man, yr songs inspire me!! cheer up man! Dec 01
  • erik112233 said:
    Add Comment here... Nov 29
  • lostinwind said:
    any chance that we can look at the lyrics of \"Beautiful\" ? =D its such an awesome song ~ Nov 02
  • lostinwind said:
    Hey ~ i really really love the song \"Beautiful\", is it alright if you can put the lyrics up? Thank you very much ~ Totally love that song... almost cried... T_T Nov 01
  • said:
    hey its cflchick from youtube...whats your email address again? the mail deleted itself on youtube lol sorry Sep 03
  • Xzistingmind said:
    I really liked ur song \"It\'s you!\" could i perhaps get the tabs or chords to it? Jun 30
  • adaaa said:
    Wheeeee. Love your music! Not only are your songs great, they\'re really sincere too (: All the best in Idol! I\'ll root for you okayy! May 21

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