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Punch Drunk Pro


Genres: Powerpop / Rock / Punk

Location: Rockford, IL

Stats: 755 fans / 136,524 plays / 285 plays today





18 tracks

Members: Bobby, Lee, Seth, Will

UPDATE - 6.15.08: The PD fellas want everyone to know that they are alive and well, and have announced that they will be going into the studio to record their long awaited epic NEW ALBUM ICE CREAM ISLAND II in October! Check back here and at www.myspace.com/punchdrunk for regular updates.

Click here to buy our 10-song album 'Pure, Unadulterated Hate is the Best Medicine' on iTunes!

Check out tracks from our 'Rainbow Radio' EP, including 'Existential Girlfriend' and 'Apathetic Death March Song', featuring Andy Jackson of Hot Rod Circuit!

Myspace: www.myspace.com/punchdrunk
Email us: will_fenix@hotmail.com
AIM: punchdrunk409
Label: Darkwhite Records

Will Tallman- guitars/lead vocals
Seth Smith- bass/vocals
Lee Howell- drums/vocals
Bobby Kyser- guitars/vocals


  • JAZ! said:
    no way that you're from ROCKFORD! haha. my hometown is Marengo. lol. awesome band, keep up the work! Jul 23
  • Jason Mother Fucking Kee said:
    If You All Like Metal I Think You Should Just Go To My Profile And Check Out All The Fucking Metal Bands I Know Ha... Just Saying I Have Like Every Fucking Band, Which Is Why I'm Putting This On Most Of My Favorite Bands Sites. Be My Friends And Accect My My Gift Of... Metal =) May 26
  • E M I Z Z L E said:
    Haha, people getting hit by buses, just kidding. Mar 26
  • ((Shorty)) said:
    still love you guys! Feb 09
  • Alice said:
    I liiike i like. XD hee hee, existential gf made me smile :) Oct 08
  • Brooke. said:
    you guys are the shitttt :] Sep 27
  • stace said:
    you guys are awesome!!!! im soo keen to listen to your music all the time now!! Aug 23
  • Laura said:
    You guys are really good. However to those people saying the things about getting hit by a bus, not funny..one of my friends died by getting run over by a bus. But you guys are really good none the less :D May 12
  • David Kitz said:
    dude you guys are good....i also hope you never get hit by a bus Mar 22
  • Adg said:
    Very nice. I approve. I hope you never get hit by a bus. Jan 01
  • Sam said:
    You guys are awesome!!! i was thinking of naming my band something like urs. Nov 05
  • $$ . kidd ashh ! said:
    youu guys ae from atlanta? hex yea! i livee there xP Aug 20
  • *SPARTIKISS* said:
    yeah! finally a good kickin band from atlanta. play some shows please. Jun 19
  • Fly By Night Vix said:
    you guys are amazing! Jun 15
  • xxJessicaxx said:
    the first time i heard your music, i knew you were fabulous :] May 26

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