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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Metal

Location: Carpentersville, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Eric Babcock, Guitar & Vocals | Marty Blake, Drums | David Houck, Guitar | Joaquin Luebanos, Bass Guitar | Mike Craig, Bass Guitar | Corey Volling, Bass Guitar | Jason Hoyt, Bass Guitar

Psychas Bio

Psychas; an ancient term which refers to matters of life or the soul; also the appropriate face for a three-man musical collaboration whose lyrical content and general philosophy focus on the same two issues. Since the very beginning, the members of Psychas have mutually agreed that the message of the band should mirror the originality of the music. They have never maintained an interest in furthering the cliche negative vibe customarily found in heavy music. Instead, the band favors a more realistic and diverse depiction of human life, defaulting towards positive energy.

Melodically driven, groove-oriented, hard hitting rock and roll music is the lifeblood of the Psychas machine. The band supports that passion with an uncompromising work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. Psychas lives for the stage; no substance or distraction otherwise is allowed to contaminate the creative process or the consistent performance of their music. Psychas does not prescribe to the concept of boundaries or obedience to specific trends when it comes to creating original rock music. Through that freedom, the band has been able to successfully offer a wide variety of flavor within their music while maintaining focus and relevance within the genre. By doing so, Psychas has built an extremely loyal following of original hard rock enthusiasts and at minimum, have won the respect of those whose musical tastes lie in different areas.

Through thick and thin, Psychas persevered and kept the ship afloat for more than 6 years. Through their victories and due struggles, they gained a great appreciation for the essence behind their motivation to assemble in the first place; the pursuit of fun, fellowship and music. The members of Psychas learned a lot about themselves and the local music scene in the time they were together, and are currently contributing that expertise to other music projects.

Psychas Founder Eric Babcock and bass player Joaquin Luebanos are now playing together in the following two local Chicago bands:

The Outlaw Gentlemen - A Tribute to Volbeat.
Click Here to Visit The Outlaw Gentlemen Official Website

Damaged Justice - The Tribute to Metallica.
Click Here to Visit The Damaged Justice Official Website

The Psychas official website is still up and running to serve as a tribute to the great music, great times and great people associated with the band throughout its history:

Psychas Official Website


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