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  • Tim and Truke have some good deals going on at Sheet Happens Publishing until the new year. Check em out! http://t.co/WpsSKAs8

    Dec 01, 2012

  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, tour is over. Thank fuck!

    Nov 16, 2012

  • Watching some of the local bands from a bird's eye view. http://t.co/QmyyPuBs

    Nov 08, 2012

  • Playin in Whistler tonight at Garfunkle's we'll be on about midnight. @willisfreak52 thanks for the heads up.

    Nov 07, 2012

  • Thanks to Elliot and Futureshop for the treats! They hooked us up like woah! http://t.co/YKk4K3lD

    Nov 05, 2012

  • RT @ActualLiam: Tweeting about tweeting about @ProtestTheHero? Heavy Meta

    Nov 04, 2012

  • RT @LongMcQuade: Who's coming to the FREE clinic with Tim of @ProtestTheHero at a Long & McQuade near you? (Calgary, Edmonton, Vanc ...

    Oct 29, 2012

  • If you want to come to the show tonight in Saskatoon @ the Odeon we will make trades for the best booze offering

    Oct 28, 2012

  • Just got into Winnipeg after 30 hr drive. Glad to be caught up. Tim's doing a clinic at long & mcquade for 430. Hopeyou can make it

    Oct 27, 2012

  • Hwy 17 is flooded to fuck. We will not be playing in Thunder Bay tonight. We're very sorry! Details to follow: http://t.co/g00qPDvG

    Oct 26, 2012