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Prom Queen Failure


Genres: Punk / Pop Punk / Emo

Location: Alameda, NM

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4 tracks

Members: Jared-Lead vocals, Guitar; Luke-Drums; Josh-Bass, Jordan-Keys, keytar, synths, BGV's; Brennan-Guitar, BGV's

Prom Queen Failure is a punk rock band based out of Albuquerque NM. The band first started out as a solo project by Jared (Lead vocals, guitar). He recorded 2 unreleased demos entitled "Who's the Prom King?" and "Pink!"
Jared-Lead Vocals, Guitar... Jared Williams has been in 5 bands altogether (including PQF and the other band he is currently a part of Gozur). His first band, Unlikely Endings, was started back when he was 13 and was together for a summer. Jared later when asked about that band said, "it was a great learning curve for me as a musician and someone who wanted to be in a band, i figured out a couple things and then went on to my next one." Jared then put together, with the help of his friend Josh Morse, a metal band called Price of Existence, also known as Dead Security. That band was together for one year to the day and recorded a partial demo. After that Jared began to pursue his solo career and was later asked to be in 2 other bands as a drummer (Chad Spriggs and Gozur) he now currently plays drums for the band Gozur, sings and plays guitar in Prom Queen Failure, and serves on the worship team at Sagebrush.
Luke-Drums Luke Alvarado moved to Albuquerque from Texas 1 or 2 years ago. He met Jared at their church (Sagebrush Community Church) back in the summer of '07. Jared found out Luke was a drummer by Luke mentioning that he could play "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus on the drums. Jared then asked him if he was interested in playing drums in a punk rock band, and Luke said "yeah that would be cool! But i'm playing a game so i'm going to get back to that." Then he ran off and continued to play. Luke now plays drums for Prom Queen Failure, and serves as a sound technician at Sagebrush.
Josh-Bass Josh Alvarado is the younger brother to Luke. Jared found out about Josh's bass playing ability when he was aloud to play bass during the last song of the worship service while Jared was playing drums. Jared later talked to Luke to see if he would be ok with Josh joining the band as the bassist. Luke said he didn't mind, and that he would ask his brother if he would be interested. Josh later walked up to Jared and said "is this the guy who wants me to play bass?" while pointing at Jared. And Luke said yes. Josh now plays bass for Prom Queen Failure and serves on the worship team at Sagebrush as well as doing the lights in the high school group.
Jordan-Keytar, Keys, Synths, Vocals (man he's busy) Jordan Reimann and Jared met way back when they were about 5 or 6 years old. As they got older they began to grow distant from each other until they were reconnected through the CEC (Career Enrichment Center). There, Jared found out that Jordan could play Keytar and Keyboard. Jared asked Jordan if he would like to join and Jordan accepted. Jared and Jordan began to practice also adding a guy named Aaron to play bass, but Jared's schedule began to get too busy and they had to break up. Jared's schedule cleared up and decided to reinvite Jordan in the band. Jordan now plays Keytar, Keys, Synths, and sings in Prom Queen Failure, and also works at his church (Calvary of Albuquerque) as a sound technician.
Brennan-Guitar, Vocals Brennan Farrell met Jared at The Getaway. A youth retreat that their church put on. At that point Jared wanted to be in a band with Brennan and has nonstop asked Brennan to join him. Brennan kept saying no, but Jared couldn't get the thought out of his head. Jared found out that Brennan could sing not too long ago while singing a Relient K song Brennan harminized to Jared at the end of the line they were singing. At that point Jared asked Brennan to join once and again and was met with an "i'll think about it." 3 weeks later Brennan joined the band. Brennan is also the most soft spoken of the entire band. Brennan now plays Guitar and sings in Prom Queen Failure, and attends Sagebrush.


  • Darth Bane said:
    http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm156/darth-bane/Good%20Times/HPIM3078-1.jpg Jun 17
  • Jordan Reimann said:
    This Is The Comment From Jordan :) Jun 04
  • Fulgencio said:
    Of the new ones, I think 9/11 has a better vibe and direction, and rocks more. Keep up the good work guys! You got my support! Mar 03
  • Fulgencio said:
    This sounds more emo/punk than before... Is this a new direction? Mar 03
  • pinkgreenstripes. said:
    rad instrumentals Jul 18
  • said:
    niceee like the song jason is so cute cuz he is!!!! lol Apr 06
  • Fulgencio said:
    Keep up the good music bro! Apr 03
  • Anasoraman said:
    hey that\'s my photo...oh wait that\'s also me cause i\'m the only one in this band...so i guess it wouldn\'t count for me to say that i rock would it...hmm, then i don\'t know whatelse to say. Jan 25

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