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Promising Tomorrow


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Post Hardcore

Location: $acramento(nine one siks), CA

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Members: Tony M, Brian M, Brian F, Greg D, Anthony G

Track one, Side one
So open your eye's / Now
Drug's and crime fill the street's and/ No one care's anymore for
Thing's that are wrong with today/ Now/ For better thing's
For every time/ You stabbed me in my back
You know/ Every thing is not so impossible
You lie/ You lie/ You lie/ Twisted/ Oh yeah
One track/ side one track/ side one track/ side one

This is for every time that you said I couldn't
This is for you
For every time you doubted me in every thing
I proved you wrong
Ill never be another example for you
This is me/ This is my life…being something

Burn your track side one
Burn your track from me to you and

Simple thing's
Find yourself
Torn/ release/ release me
Put your feeling's in
This is the ending of your reality
All the thing's you took in vein
As the hurt turn's into hating
Time to spare yourself
Rise up/ rise up/ we've got something for you
These landslides /we've got something for you
Immortal/ as I pray
Throw you away
Time and time we
Throw this away
We're not divided by you
By you…fake
Born to breathe/ Formed to this/ This life time
This can never tear us down/ Love or war
Off/ Set it off/ Set it off right now(4x)
We have time right now/ Mouth off/ They send it threw
So you know/ They send it threw
So you know/ This maybe true

Scarlet Sage
You said you loved me/ but now you're leaving me
Maybe in five year's down the road we will meet again
No we wont/ No we wont
Let me rip my heart out/ and give it to you
Wash my hand's of this blood/ and cleanse myself of you (2x)
Let me….rip my heart out for you
Cleanse me….cleanse myself of you
You call me/ you leave me/ without my heart still beating
Not being upset for what you've done/ for being on time you find yourself
Torn apart/ victim again
Falling/ victims
You/ you are nothing/ you are not

Four year's and nothing to show
We are born from violence/ no more excuse/ nothing more than examples
Riding on the backs of
You're so vein
We are born from violence/ no more excuse/ nothing more than examples
Riding on the backs of
What's wrong with my life, run away, run away
Run/ you don't know/ what I've been through
Run/ you don't know/ what's right for me
Lie to me

To Overcome
for love or better these days. my loves the one that's fading for this I've lost violence kills so just be yourself, violence at war is a just cause-why you, why now
I am a mortal, a just cause ,why insults? we don't know I am a mortal, why do we go, always seen as new, violence is mortal, beautiful ,they don't know who we are.
violence-the one so beautiful, my life's my life... so be yourself
beautiful....these lives ,around ,these days I've tried, I've tried to love, but you, you turn me down... what are you trying to do? you know. what will you try to be? and you know what lies around but shelters nothing more. I know myself but these lies are better, i will....love my life, right now, I've spilt your blood, and for this blood you know my life and the truth.
which says you know you never function to be for sure. what says your right? you never though to fold. what said that you know it is the lie which cant be undone. what says you know you cant function? so run....violence surrounding me. why try and do as well? violence has grown so close to me...which do you feel now? you said you loved me, you know you know you are just lying to me. you infected my life...write it off as something beautiful...



The Struggle E.P.

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