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Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stats: 393 fans / 26,596 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Matt Koruba - vocals, Nico Constantine - guitars, Johnny McClay - bass, Dave Murga - drums

Program The Dead emerged from the greater LA area in the fall of 2002. What first began as an acoustic jam session, quickly flowered into an explosive four piece gang. With each member residing from different home towns, they found a mutual passion for the basics of rock. The eclectic hybrid sound creates an interesting blend of hardcore rock and roll and 80's new wave. All stemming from influences like Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, Depeche Mode, and U2.


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  • Alyssa_loving said:
    i love your music!!! its just amazing :) Dec 29
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    your album cover is a disgrace to the greatest band to ever exist Nov 15
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    rahhhh. Mar 20
  • TaylorMAYHEM said:
    rahhhh. Mar 20
  • Dead by Dawn Promotions said:
    Mmmm....Legalize Dry Humping in the Streets!!! Spread PTDs!!!! Love, DBD Sep 11
  • andr3abishes said:
    i luff ju guys. fer sure.=]; keep it up. MAKE MEH SEM MORE MOER MUSICa!! not just for me. for the impure bands of the future. Aug 18
  • abbeyrose said:
    u rock Jun 27
  • taydog said:
    you guys suck nice beatles pciture Sep 08
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    wow the magical mystery tour that was a good album Jun 02
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Program The Dead Demo

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Program The Dead Demo

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Program The Dead Demo

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