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Customize T-Shirts For Unique Identities and Style

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Creativity and technology lead us to where we are today. The advancing digital era gave birth to different things that we use now and the best among them is the power of customization of varied items. Great innovations have happened and the city of Singapore led rise to t-shirt printing, Singapore. Different prints in t-shirts shows off the various tastes of people in terms of the colors, designs and textures on the t-shirts and this industry is growing widely with every passing day. The logos and quotes displayed on a t-shirt lets an individual stand apart from the crowd.

Best T-Shirt Printing ServicesRange of colors and designs

Singapore is a place where this style have erupted heavily, so t-shirt Printing, Singapore promises to go beyond their actual style and create something for the customers based on their styles and personalities. They offer a huge range of colors and designs to the clients for different types of tees. Some of the stores deliver The Teeser T-Shirt Printing absolutely free letting them a chance to communicate with the owners of the customized t-shirts.

How is the printing done on the tees?

Customized t-shirts provides a unique personality to the person wearing it and the t-shirt printing, Singapore stores always encourage their customers to send in their own personal designs to enjoy cost effectiveness. It is done in three processes: Embroidery, Silk-Screen printing and Digital Heat Transfer (DTG).

Embroidery is a method of stitching logos on t-shirts as well as the names of individuals to be printed on the tees. The cost depends on size and not color of the tee. Silk-screen printing engages different templates for t-shirts for each design and color, it has a high cost. DTG is used to print colors fully on tees, which feels like paper on a tee that does not let air to pass and it is done in small numbers. Check www.theteeser.com this site for more news about printing t-shirt


Posted Sep 17, 2013 at 2:45am