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Looking After Your Teeth Can Save Your Life.

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A shiny white healthy smile is something that most people want to have. We are embarrassed when our smiles are discolored or if we have lots of cavities. It can be discouraging when we get braces or have to have a root canal. People will spend a millions of dollars each year in the quest for perfect smiles and teeth. With simple proper teeth care, those extremely healthy smiles can be easily obtained. It doesn't have to be a chore or difficult to take care of your teeth. You can do some of the following things right away to start improving the health and appearance of your teeth.

Make sure that you are actually brushing your teeth. Just moving the brush around for a few seconds isn't going to help you very much. Your dentist will tell you that you should brush for a solid two minutes at least twice daily. You should scrub for about 30 seconds in all four sections of your teeth for best results.

Time yourself at first to make sure you follow this. It's typical for people to overestimate how long they brush for, so it's worth timing yourself. There are some foods that you know are bad for your teeth: sugary junk food that you find in the candy aisle is a given. However, what other ones are bad? Would you be surprised to learn that gum made of sugar is also detrimental? Increasing the saliva is what chewing gum does, and this profits you by cutting down the bacterium in your mouth, but sweetened gum winds up putting back sugars and crystals that saliva has rinsed away. Additionally, chips and crackers are not good for your teeth, nor are hard bread sticks even. Despite the fact that fruit is basically healthful, dehydrated fruit is horrible for your teeth. And, you don't want to eat raisins: this probably makes you happy to know. Raisins are terrible for your teeth!

You should regularly monitor how your gums look, and especially what color they are. Light pink is the healthiest color for gums to be, and when you run your finger along them, they should feel firm. It's important to visit the dentist if your gums are painful, swollen, very red or soft to the touch, as this may indicate a gum disease such as gingivitis. Your dentist will be able to help you get rid of gingivitis if you have it. Gingivitis can get worse and cause permanent harm if it's not treated, so it's not something to ignore. Aside from damaging your gums, it can cause your teeth to fall out due to bone deterioration. Improving your oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth can be done in many different ways. One easy way to improved tooth care is by simply remembering to brush before bedtime each night. For the most part oral decay happens because a person is simply negligent and doesn't take the time to do the daily activities that need to be done to keep the mouth healthy.

Posted Dec 08, 2014 at 9:21pm