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Princess Riot


Genres: Pop Punk / Surf Rock / Ska

Location: Oshawa, ON

Stats: 17 fans / 4,015 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Lindz Riot, Val Knox, Jules, Darcy

Princess Riot dont want to be the new queens of the cloned age. They are no Barbie girls, no wobbly Avril Whibley. No, your Little Mermaid is about to trade in her tail and not for no pink assed Daisy guitar. They are chained to the Rawk now and like the siren voiced Evanescence these sisters (plus one guy) in sonics are doing it for themselves. You cant grow up in Ajax , the corner suburb of Sum 41, Not By Choice and Protest The Hero, and not learn how to give it and give it hard. Its a battle hard town named for a battle hard ship. Sure theyre gurls and they have a soft side, velvet pajama parties of cuddlecore and it peeks into the songs. Just remember Princess Riot wear the pants. They aint playas but they have your number, dont look to this band to shine at the Mallmart coffee slinging McJob routine, work until your womb takes you to the tomb, Daddy calls the shots until he hands your hand over. Thanks but no thanks. Princess Riot know the road to Dreamville is as pitted as Highway 66, they know it doesnt even go all the way but they are taking it because what is the point of being a girl in the 21st century if you cant. What is the point of girl power if its merely token power. Were the Spices just cute or was there a message in their tedium. The songs of Princess Riot take chances so PR follows. The O.G. of Riot Girlz, Kim Deal of Sonic Youth, the Babes In Toyland, L7, they are the ladies in the Princesss posse. They are the Godmothers of the Riot. The Made It aunts. These Princesses are not looking for love, they are expecting respect and when you hear their songs you will agree they can also expect success. Just remember it will be on their terms.
The line up consists of not your average everyday Joes, but intriguing characters you may find quite animated. Fronted by the band you have the demonic cheerleader Lindz Riot taming the lead vocals and bass guitar. Her partner in crime and the child of punk Val Knox who knows how to rock the old skool vocals and guitar. There's also the electric Jules with her youthful attitude and almost-ADD shining through in the guitar she writes and plays. And with not much to say, but making up for it on the drums you have the bashful Darcy. Combining all their forces together they believe that with each song comes a new story to be told that should rock to the fullest. They will not quit until they have something epic. They will not rest until they have music fans leaving the venues with a catchy tune in their head and a starvation for more candy flavoured rock.
With every band comes a journey and quite a few stories to be told from every adventure. For the 5 years now this band has been together they have quite abit to put onto their musical resume. Their biggest achievement so far with the most memorable stories is playing the Vans Warped Tour in 2005 in Quebec City, Quebec and then again in 2006 in Barrie, Ontario. In 2005 they were discovered in one of Toronto's rockhouses by producer Joel Kazmi. He took this project into the studio to record a 3 song demo which is a sample of whats to come so far. They have plans to record a full album together by the end of 2007. Also in 2005 Daisy Rock guitars discovered these scraping by musicians and were awesome enough to sign an endorsement deal. You can see the lovely Bass Guitar known as "Jinx" making an appearance at every show.
Passion, Drive, Blood, Sweat and Beers. The future of Princess Riot is bright, at times almost blinding. Everyone gets what they deserve, so watch your back. Expect the unexpected, but expect something historic from the artists of Princess Riot. (Biography Co-Written by local writer Will McGuirk)

For hate mail and new band inquieries: princessriot@hotmail.com

We are proud to be Endorsed By Daisy Rock Guitars and you can check them out by clicking on the banner below!


  • jobelle said:
    i like your music!it sounds cute! :) Jan 01
  • PureChaos said:
    AWESOME!!!! sounds really good!!! my inspiration! Apr 22

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