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Positive Infinity


Genres: Christian / Electronic / Experimental

Location: Miami, FL

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4 tracks

Members: David Roberts, Jonathan Roberts

Positive Infinity


Serket The Healer of Poisonous Stings


Our awesome live jazz and chiptune album is out! You can get it now at Bandcamp in any sound format you could possibly desire.

Electro Hymns of the Faith Volume II


Our second installment of modernized hymns is here! Techno, trance, electronica, chiptune, downbeat, breakbeat, experimental. You can get it now at Bandcamp in any sound format you could possibly desire.

Are you devastated that you can't listen to the entire 'Electro Hymns' album here anymore? Don't worry...

You can still listen to the entire album "Electro Hymns of the Faith", at Bandcamp! You don't have to pay a cent! (Low-fi streaming)

Positive Infinity

We are Positive Infinity: a collaborative group of musicians from Miami, Florida and beyond. We make music that could be analyzed, classified, and filed under various musical genres; if you're into that sort of thing. The core members, brothers David and Jonathan Roberts, founded the group in late 2005. We have collaborated with various local and not-so-local artists in our studio since we began this endeavor, and the results have been fantastic. We've included jazz and classical musicians in our lineup and other artists that have given us a more digital sway. We often dabble in arrangements that are experimental with a mixture of musical elements, but we never stray too far from the conventional (whatever that means.) We create songs that are focused on the feel of the music and the aesthetic appeal of complex writing, rigging, and programming - almost always devoid of vocals, and often teetering on the precipice overlooking avant-garde.

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  • steephaanie said:
    I like it (: but I agree, a singer would make you guys more amazing (: Nov 15
  • Punk/Hardcorps/loner said:
    You guys need a singer!!! All this music is so exciting, and your wit is there for writing ("Your my antihero"?) and yet every song I sit there waiting for some vocals....you guys are an awesome band, but i think that a singer could put you over the top amazing. Dec 12
  • JesusDisciple said:
    Hey being raised in churches that sing alot of these hymns I love how you guys have modernized them! God Bless Oct 08
  • booXluvsXyooh said:
    i lke the chip toon! Aug 16
  • year84isdbest said:
    i really like your guys's stuff. Its a cool sound Jul 17
  • Amber said:
    This is pretty cool guys. Thumbs up! Jun 21


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