These People Got Terrible Tattoos That Will Unfortunately Last A Lifetime

It’s important to do your research when getting a tattoo. This is a decision that is going to live with you for the rest of your life, so make sure to take the time to weigh every option. That goes beyond just what design you’re going to get. It also means deciding just who is going to ink you up.

These people clearly didn’t take enough time and effort into making these very important decisions before getting inked up, and unfortunately for them, it shows. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo, just take a look at these poor souls before proclaiming your love for My Little Pony that will live on your stomach for the next 60 years.

When You Just Can’t Let Go

mow grass tattoo on his head
Photo Credit: Reddit / Worley03
Photo Credit: Reddit / Worley03

This is a tattoo with a message. It’s hard for anyone to accept they’re losing their hair, but it’s all apart of the aging process. Hair falls out, things start to sag, and dinner at 4:30 starts to make all the sense in the world.

Instead of just chopping it all off, this man decided to have a little fun with it. Considering that as you get older a finely mowed lawn is also a major concern, there’s a lot to take in here.