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Polygamist Nation


Genres: Electronic / Alternative

Location: State College, PA

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Members: Tim Kolstrom

My name is Tim. I go to Penn State. I enjoy making electronic music in my spare time. I am Polygamist Nation.

My musical beginnings began with piano lessons at age six and then singing in various school choirs. I went on to perform in high school musicals to further my singing experience.

I started making electronic music when I got FL Studio back when it was called Fruity Loops. I practiced a little bit with remixing stuff then I decided to make some electronic pieces of my own. In FL Studio I clicked the notes onto the piano roll... this was tedious, but it had to be done. One time, I even clicked in Beethoven's entire "Moonlight Sonata" into FL Studio. (It took me five hours straight!)

Time passed with me making electronic music in FL Studio over my senior year of high school and up into my first year of college. This semester I have been using FL Studio and Reason 4 along with a MIDI keyboard to make my tunes.


HP Pavilion dx6500
M-Audio Keystation 49e
Gibson Les Paul Studio
DigiTech RPx400 Processor
AKG Perception 420 Condenser Microphone

FL Studio 8
Reason 4
Cakewalk's ProTracks

Send me an e-mail sometime, trk10@psu.edu



Polygamist Nation

Oct 16, 2008

Michael Tobia

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