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  • Esteph said:
    impressive Jul 02
  • Coladitos said:
    not bad Jul 01
  • JustAMistake said:
    Wow I didnt realise you had more songs I could download I was really gutted when I thought you only had 4 and one I was unavailable to download. I'm terrible with this site. But I now have downloaded all your songs!! You are totally amazing!!! Come play in Liverpool :') you're the only band I have really loved on here... And when I saw my email saying you had messaged me on here I was straight on. Anyways i'll stop sounding like a scary fan and wish you the best :) Sep 16
  • lilitaliand23 said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/CUNextTuesday10696 Aug 07
  • quwdutelhefe said:
    Heyy! What's up!? I'm have poppunkhardcoremelodic band called Chicken Men. You should check us out and tell us what you think, and download all song for free! We'd love to talk to :) http://www.purevolume.com/ChickenMe Jun 16
  • JustAMistake said:
    Please put the full verison of Poppy, 18 from somerset on here and make it a free download I LOVEEE YOUR MUSIC Apr 29
  • Tanner said:
    nice Mar 06
  • Andrea kooler said:
    cool!! :-) Jul 24
  • bruccinnim said:
    Check out www.purevolume.com/bruccinni May 23
  • Sean Rad! said:
    i would fuck ur singer hard!!! Apr 22
  • Rogelio Cazares said:
    hey, whats up, congratulations for you music, you really have a great future in music. I thought you might wanna know...there's a contest for professional independent bands and musicians to win a really cool website design. If interested register your band at www.akevia.com/music cheers Apr 14
  • Jugonz said:
    purevolume.com/sugarfreeakashug Apr 06
  • Romeo said:
    dude it is cool! Jan 06
  • Jonny Waffle said:
    Hey, we're The Radioflyer! You guys should check us out at purevolume.com/theradioflyer. Download our free EP, or add us and just stop by for a listen :) Jan 05
  • uncool canadian kid said:
    you're guys are great and I'm glad you got back together and all, but why the name change? I liked Stayover better. Nov 10
  • leito said:
  • flyawayraex3 said:
    i like it! Jul 23
  • Jennifer said:
    Omg i lurv ur music!! Jul 18
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 22
  • Chandler said:
    like your stuff! hey do me a favor and check out our stuff at www.purevolume.com/fiveacrosstheeyes and let me know what you think thanks! Feb 26