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  • the neat guy. said:
    Bring back Chainsaw Teddy Bears! Jul 10
  • Caitlin❧ said:
    I downloaded Don't Exist about a month ago, and I listen to it every single day. It really is my favorite song as of now, and I just want to thank you for making it. Your lyrics speak so much of what I feel and have been through. Please never stop making music ❤ Feb 09
  • Mightyjoejon said:
    Fans of Rock/Pop-Punk! Just posted Lost, the last song from my new 5 song Ep!!! Come check it out and let me know what you think! http://www.purevolume.com/Drowninginyourwake Dec 21
  • NOOTGL said:
    new album is amazing Dec 18
  • Ana Lucia C. said:
    ♥ :) Dec 17
  • skateroftrogdor said:
    why did you guys break up???? :( Sep 27
  • Selena115 said:
    Why did y'all have to break up?? Sep 24
  • Kyle said:
    It's these kinds of bands that deserve credit. so awesome. Jul 08
  • David said:
    MAAANNNN you guys just don't get old after all these years. Jun 29
  • Just Phil said:
    May 06
  • Kyle said:
    You've been fanned. Awesome voices Mar 09
  • Brandon said:
    i love you guys... i was one of the few people at your show at shadowplay in Houston, if only more people were there :( Jan 18
  • Calvin Bauer (We Destroyed The Sun) said:
    Absolutely incredible band Jan 15
  • Walter Stanley said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/fsncband Jan 07
  • Bryce said:
    check out DECODER (Rise Records) which features ex-members from VersaEmerge, Oceana, and Of Machines www.myspace.com/decoder and pre-order a copy of the album today! cd,t-shirt, poster bundle for only 17$ http://new.merchnow.com/catalogs/decoder Dec 02
  • ashleyannpratt said:
    i've listened to you guys since i was like, 14. now that i'm 18, i'm still waiting for you muchachos to come to Boston! Dec 01
  • *Domingo- the- Dingo* said:
    Oh yes, try to make it to Salt Lake City, Utah sometime. You might enjoy the energy out here. Think about it. Sep 30
  • *Domingo- the- Dingo* said:
    Love the new songs PM, great stuff guys. Keeep upp the goood work and great meaningful music that hypnotizes few and entertains most. :] Sep 30
  • Paige said:
    i'm super sad that i didn't get to see you guys while you were at the grindhouse september first. i was so excited and then my car needed repairs and nobody could give me a ride. :[ Sep 19
  • Coby said:
    you guys are great =] i saw you in concert and loved it Aug 30