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Long Time Since Our Last Blog On Here...

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Hey everyone,

Dave Oh here, just want to inform everyone of some changes in the Plus Suffix camp. We have posted a bunch of live cover songs on you tube, so head on over there and search for 'plus suffix' and check them out! Also, we have some studio demos from our time spent in the studio over the past few months, though these are going to be really hard to come by anytime soon. The main reason being.....

I have decided to take a break or hiatus as they call it from the music world. Now this doesn't mean that Plus Suffix is over or that we won't be back, but for now, we won't be doing anything. I have decided to focus my attention on other aspects of live and its something I need to do. I will still be playing my piano and guitar and writing, but just not necessarily for the band or in any kind of organized setting. I know this blog is pretty boring and probably doesn't make too much sense so far, but I've been awake for 50 of the last 60 hours and I've got about 12 more to go before my next 3 hour nap. It's been a rough week. Not to mention I've been real sick for the past couple weeks. But anyway, I just want to let everyone know that I love the support that we've gotten from all our friends and fans alike and I am looking forward to the day where I can make this an active part of my life again. But until then, I bid thee all adieu. I love you guys.

-Dave Ohh

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