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Our first show!

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Our first show was Saturday night and we want to thank everyone who showed up for it. We can't believe how much support we got for our first show, 120 people showed up for us! It definitely feels good to have that kind of support and to know that what we're doing is appreciated, so again thank you to everyone who showed up. We had alot of fun and we hope you all did too. We're working on putting together some new shows in the future with our friends the Nearby, who we have to thank for coming out and supporting us. A special thanks to Jeremy for letting Nico use his bass amp for the Victoria Projects set. We also want to thank the other bands who played with us for letting us represent the Rochester scene with them. We'd also like to thank Jam Solid for selecting us to play this show, and we'd like to thank the Brew Haus for letting us use their venue. Hopefully we'll get to play more shows with them in the future. I also want to thank Lauren for coming up and doing an amazing job on vocals for Thunderstorms and Quiet Nights. Everyone was amazing and we hope to see you all in the future!

-Dave O

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