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  • karina_darling said:
    i loved blink-182 & i honestly thought that blink 182 split up, wasnt gonna sound great, but you guys proved me wrong. :) GRRREAT band. Dec 21
  • theloved said:
    one of my favorite songs from you guyss make you smile mkaes me smile :DD lol Dec 21
  • loniray said:
    i love love love you guys with all of my heart!! Dec 19
  • rufiochik1017 said:
    love the new xmas song!!! Dec 18
  • babieleah said:
    you guys are awesome =) i listen to your album everyday Dec 18
  • Nicckijo10 said:
    you guys are pretty giid, but i just dont understand why mark and travis hate tom delonge soo much..!!! you shouldnt and u giys should get back together for a reunion concert.. cuz u guys are all soo good together and i lovee youu soo much!! Dec 17
  • conversefan94 said:
    your music is amazing i think you guys rock and ur voice is off the chain and i love the music u guys put out keep it up and rock on Dec 16
  • bass_playin_pimp said:
    You guy f#%$in rock Dec 16
  • bangbang_youredead said:
    yay^^ im going to see you guys in Amsterdam^^ Lookiing forword to it! Dec 15
  • said:
    i love you dudes so much. you don\'t even understand.. Dec 15
  • beautifullyxxmexx said:
    omfg i love u guys u r like the best TRAVIS ILY U R LIKE SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!! ily u guys shannon xoxo Dec 14
  • x3moislovex said:
    hey guys i luv ur when your heart stop beating techno remix it makes me want to dance or rave so yea i luve yall!! Dec 13
  • nicksAbeast16 said:
    WAD UP 44 EEEEZZZAAAAYYYYY travis your the man Dec 12
  • G*Star*Rawr* said:
    mmmm mmmmm mmmmm :p Dec 12
  • tidalwavesx7 said:
    your techno remix of When Your Heat Stop Beating is really good. You should do more techno remixes. Dec 12
  • hardxcore-x said:
    whoot!, you guys are friggen awsomee:) i love you guys:D Dec 12
  • STFU_MAR said:
    so, prettyy much, my school is jealous of me because im the onlyy person from my school who went to bogarts and sawww you guyss. is was better than an orgasmmm. KAYY,BYEE. Dec 11
  • zasuto said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 11
  • 1120MissMurder said:
    Dec 10
  • said:
    i luv u guys so fuckin much Dec 10