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  • Jessie Teylur said:
    i heart 44 they make me giddy giddy in my pants pants xD Mar 27
  • ♥RisingHearts♥ said:
    you guys r awsome keep up the good work!!! Mar 26
  • (+44) MusicFan said:
    You Guys Rule. Mar 21
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    plus 44 makes me giddy Mar 19
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    your band makes me giddy Mar 18
  • Anasoraman said:
    hey you guys rock thanks for being price of existences friend. Mar 13
  • bace58 said:
    WOAHHH the lyrics for 155 arent right... are those the original lyrics or somethin? Mar 06
  • ticktock90 said:
    plus44 rocks..great songs..cant wait to hear more Mar 06
  • jedimaster99 said:
    hey guys i am going to go see you in UT Mar 06
  • AtajustME said:
    hey!!! Im luis_ddr omg !! account info =( send me 1 message i want speak with u Mar 03
  • joemcmillan said:
    quality stuff! Mar 02
  • anythin-but-rap-fan said:
    gah im sick of hearing, \"oooh i want blink back\", not gonna happen no matter how many people wish it, out of the ashes of blink comes PLUS44 stronger i say! Feb 26
  • bastaodecombate said:
    oh, my od! when do you\'ll come to Brazil to make the best show on the year? love ya!!! Feb 22
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    mark, and travis.. go hit tom over the head and say dude WTF happened dude, blink was def ment to be ... bring back blink man Feb 18
  • Bass Guitar Rocker Girl '09 said:
    i luv 44 now lol. no matter what no band will ever replace blink182. but i luv 44 u guys rock!!! this band is totally awesome!! Mark u are one of the reasons i start teaching myself bass guitar! i luv u all!! Feb 18
  • said:
    look for me on april 28th guys Feb 18
  • Sorry-Your-Not-A-Winner said:
    Alreeet? Well i should say first how much of a Box Car Racer fan i am, travis that stuff was mint. Im really liking what youve got here now lads, 155 is absolutley class. Well done x Feb 17
  • toxic_lips666 said:
    I love the chorus of the song When Your Heart Stops Beating. WOOT! Feb 16
  • claythomas said:
    This band rocks! Feb 09
  • Fitbikeco_0315 said:
    great job guys. your awesome! tom knows he\'s missin\' out. Feb 06