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  • ataps said:
    you guys are fucking aweosme miss blink though May 11
  • shaqbrownie said:
    HOT AS HELL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 11
  • notre10irish said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/kaiserandthehoagies May 07
  • ThAtOnEpUnKcHiCk said:
    i love u guys!!!!! lol travis is friggin hott! Apr 30
  • kiwix182 said:
    blink 182, prlly the greatest band of all time, but atleast you guys are still making music..! i love 44.. music is amazing. but you guys should still bring back the blink! Apr 30
  • backstagekisses said:
    Your CD is awsome! very oraginal... nothing like it out there. Apr 28
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    shank tom and bring back blink Apr 27
  • Dark_Creation said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 25
  • said:
    please add me Apr 24
  • xxscribbledheart said:
    I heart plus44. Apr 20
  • black_dogg said:
    Hey Guys! how R you? hey I\'m samuel from brazil ok? so.. in here (brasil) a lot of people like the song of tour band.. and oh guy.. I like the song the drums, the bass, the guitar.. you make crazy music! all musics r cool! ^^ Apr 18
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    im seeing you guys!!! this summer woot!!! Apr 16
  • AtajustME said:
    hey , i add the news shows , and i deleted some past news =) Apr 10
  • FucKinG_LoSeR said:
    Hi !! Your cocnert in Paris was very very nice ( sorry my english is bad) when a new concert ? You\'re wonderfull ** when a last concert from blink-182 in France? Apr 06
  • said:
    travis is hott!!!!! too bad hes married.... Apr 06
  • gorgeous_bitch said:
    hay u guys rok later Apr 04
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    herrow band that makes me giddy, you guys should add make you smile =) Apr 02
  • ♥RisingHearts♥ said:
    You guys are awsome love ur music Apr 01
  • ♥RisingHearts♥ said:
    Plus 44 your music is great Mar 31
  • Moondakka said:
    this band is the new Blink182 expecialy cuz of travis but they frickn rock and i LOVE 155 it is the best!!!!!! 44 ROCKS!!!!! Mar 28