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  • internalexplosion said:
    dude u guyz suk, keep mark on the frontline, that chik maxe me wanna scream!!! May 09
  • purevolumeforjoeryan said:
    Add Comment here... May 08
  • bubbleglam said:
    Add Comment here... May 04
  • broken_shattered said:
    Oh baby i hit the jackpot I\'m a die hard fan can\'t wait to get my hands on ur CD May 04
  • blondie.fork said:
    im glad to see mark and travis in a new band. but i still miss blink182. PLEASE COME BACK BLINK!!TRUST ME A STUPID FIGHT DOESN\'T BREAK UP THE BEST BAND EVER!!!SERIOUSLY. we miss you. May 04
  • ' tom said:
    hy ! i am brszil! i love plus 44! =) May 01
  • ' tom said:
    hy ! i am brszil! i love plus 44! =) May 01
  • Jake_Da_Snake said:
    God when Blink 182 broke up your music died and went to hell god are you fukin tone deaf ? Apr 29
  • PirateMyke said:
    / owned by AAA aka AVA Apr 27
  • 1atdeathdowepart1 said:
    u rule my world Apr 26
  • 1atdeathdowepart1 said:
    u rule my world Apr 26
  • adamk014 said:
    diehard travis barker fan Apr 25
  • iamtheband said:
    2 out of 3. well it sounds good so, whatever Apr 25
  • Pale_Ale said:
    Hey, I really liked your music and I know you probably already have someone getting your name out there...but if your intrested in getting your name out there a little bit better and using the best tools to do it....we use something called a music button and once you fill out the information on the following pages, you can paste the music button code on any website and anytime someone clicks on it they can buy your music or other merchandise, and we will ship it automatically for you...so just click on the link below, pay the small fee of 40 bucks and just follow the steps and the more you fill out the better we can help you get out there...and if you do have an issue about putting money upfront, just let me know and I will show you what it looks like..I am an affiliate for Stretch The Skies Records and if you have any questions about anything just message me and I will help you out. Thanks, chris A.K.A pale ale ..Sell Your CDs Now Apr 24
  • robhayes21 said:
    Whoever made this page should be shot in the face. Learn how to spell you faggot. Apr 23
  • drunkenrockstar said:
    hi great music not sooo keen on the girl instead of tom but ye i guess it works so gd work Apr 22
  • FlavorOfTheWeak said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 18
  • asquirrelcoveredinmakeup said:
    who the hell wrote the billboard seriously re-write it: ex tarvis who the heck is tarvis and it wasnt formed 4 mark it was BY mark but gd music though as long as u can write lyrics i guess it dont matter:P Apr 18
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    awesome music, i didn\'t know what to expect, keep rockin\'! -www.amityville.ca -www.purevolume.com/amityville Apr 15
  • AtajustME said:
    I Love this Band !!! Apr 14