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  • megannn said:
    i love you guys =] Jan 06
  • puNkyfaLL$% said:
    i loved plusss Dec 31
  • 0L1v1@ said:
    you seriously own me and everybody else in my fucking town Dec 20
  • SexyBeltGirl! said:
    you are amazing! add me as a friend! Dec 16
  • rawrdinorobotrawr said:
    love it Dec 02
  • john, the sleepwalker said:
    texas people add me now!!!!!!!! Nov 20
  • said:
    you rock!! Nov 18
  • g r e t c h love said:
    do you want to go to prom with me? Nov 05
  • nipplehair433 said:
    fuckin sweet Oct 11
  • brycesXe said:
    would you mind helping us out please Oct 09
  • brycesXe said:
    would you mind helping us out please Oct 09
  • brycesXe said:
    would you mind helping us out please Oct 09
  • Lucy Elston said:
    travis is soo hot!! xx lucy!! Oct 04
  • Allex kaaappoww ! :] said:
    even tho blink was amazing, i LOVE plus 44 :] no it isnt needs to be on here tho :] loveeeeee u guys :] Sep 26
  • roy vincent said:
    Hey everybody, I am honored and humbled that my new band has gotten all this attention. Of course I had not planned for it or my song to come out so quickly, but it is so cool to finally see the electricity build in all your lives....the version you are hearing is not the actual final version, but a rough concept...I have been working restless nights on a cool short film that was to debut the actual song The Adventure within a few short days....it will be released within the next 2 weeks with the launch of our website. I love that my fans are the coolest and smartest out there, just as I thought you all understood my message...that if you are open to have a meaningful life and if you are ready to do something positive ...then I will give you the soundtrack, and together, maybe we can change the world, if not just ourselves. And there is no way anybody out there can even guess how much of myself I put on this album... When I was in the 7th grade and my dad got diagnosed with Leukemia it tore me and my family to pieces... When my brother went to war in Iraq it made me so angry that the world could be so lost...And when the band that I started slowly started to melt away, it gave me the dreaded first hand knowledge of what its like to lose two of your best friends... please stay open minded as I try to give you more than an album, and more than just a cool punk-rock tune, because I have already done that. But this is something different. I have an idea, an honest experiment to inspire you...just trust me, I wont let you down....and maybe, just maybe this all might be as good as you all hope and believe it to be.. tom- Sep 17
  • loana said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 14
  • cat.marley said:
    I love u guys !!! Cant wait to see you back in montreal Aug 28
  • Mar La Mara said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 17
  • Kites In The Sky. said:
    you and cobra starship OWNED june28th in vancouver Aug 14
  • miss_scissorhands said:
    \"Make You Smile\" How about putting that up. Please? Please? Aug 09