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Play It By


Genres: Powerpop / Rock

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Stats: 1,712 fans / 166,515 plays / 193 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kyle Dozeman, Ed Marshall, Danny Pozzan, Dstar



"Movement Never Lies," "One Step Ahead (So Dance)," "The Good Years," & "The Steel Under My Belt," are the newest songs featured on our latest EP/LP/Demo/Album. We did our best to make music we enjoy and love to play. It's dancy, rocky, catchy and there is definitely something there for everyone. Let us know what you think and we hope to see all of you soon.


Ed (Drums) and Kyle (Vocals & Guitar) started the band in a slimy, run-down garage on Hope Street. Needing a bassist Ed got in touch with Dstar who was, at the time, deeply involved in fraternity life and basketball. Dstar sent some music samples to Ed and soon thereafter came for an audition. Facing stiff competition Dstar got the part as lead bassist, but continued to wear basketball shorts and Adidas running shoes to practices. One day Dstar decided he wanted the spotlight and so began to play lead guitar. Danny, a brother of Dstar's, was introduced to fill the bass guitar shoes and became the final piece to the Play It By puzzle.

Play It By continues to write songs and play as many shows as they can. Nearing graduation the band plans on moving up to San Fran in hopes of spreading the PIB sound. They currently live and rock in San Luis Obispo and practice in a garage next door to the original "slimy run-down" garage mentioned above. This garage isnt much better but serves its purpose. Play It By has formed a unique sound over the past 4 years and intends to play for many more... they might need some more money to do this though...

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  • Koryhottie06 said:
    You guys need new songs!!! Feb 28
  • Kimberly Brown said:
    you sound sick Dec 10
  • Clifford said:
    you guys still playin? how much to play at a triangle X event? Mar 13
  • Kristina. said:
    ur great ♥ Jan 01
  • Fortheloveoflyrical said:
    I love you guys, do you have an offical CD? Nov 23
  • alexander29 said:
    Are you guys working on any new material?? Love your stuff Jul 06
  • Lígia :1 said:
    i love your music *-* May 17
  • Sharx Attack said:
    Hey guys! This is Ann of This Crazy Idea. I just posted a new video. Please check it out! http://www.purevolume.com/ThisCrazyIdea Apr 23
  • !werD said:
    i really like your music! i may just download it all. Feb 25
  • patsy-lee said:
    i love your music guys! Jan 12
  • MeaganMarie said:
  • 1 little speckled frog said:
    i love your music i hope you get some new stuff out in 09 i love one step ahead thanks for puttiong all your stuff up for download Jan 01
  • prodrifter17 said:
    You guys are soooo awesome! Dec 28
  • MeaganMarie said:
    i love youuuuuuuu! Oct 13
  • lauren x MICHHHH said:
    your voice sounds a lot a lot like patrick stump Oct 13

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