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Plastique Noir


Genres: Rock / Electronic

Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

Stats: 5 fans / 2,270 plays / 11 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Airton S, Marcio Benevides, Danyel Fernandes, Max Bernardo, Sister Hurricane

Plastique Noir was formed at the end of the year 2005 by some members and ex-members from underground bands from Fortaleza/CE/Brazil, who were tired of the limited horizonts of their static scene, which consists basically in two extremes: heavy metal and hardcore. Equally boring has been for them the commom live presentation formats of local bands, always poorly explored in their artistic possibilities not only in the musical aspects.

Therefore, Airton S. Nepomuceno (ex-Mallka), Mrcio Benevides (ex-The Memphis Mafia), Danyel Fernandes (Silenzio) and Max Bernardo (ex-Dust To Dust/Rebel Rockets) joined to take advantage of the post-punk revival which has been recently followed by many bands. Plastique Noir bet in the somber face of this line, bringing back the gothic rock/darkwave from the 80s and 90s, but always with a contemporary approach which add elements of related styles like death rock, industrial, ethereal, new romantic, punk rock and even electro. His plurality is the basis of the form which involves and give (non)life to the content promoting at the same time a dialogue between the viscerality, marginality and self-destructive hedonism of the (post)punk, with the sofistication and refinement of the academic classic. The peak of the synthetic, cold and phantasmagoric atmosphere is reached by the fifth member: Sister Hurricane, an old drum machine SR-16.

Unique in the style in Fortaleza, the Plastique Noir (black plastic, in french) embraces the name of the bag used to store dead bodies in morgues. The music, gloomy but pleasant to dance, involves bodies and minds carrying them to an intensive experience with their english-written lyrics which evocates the myths and facts of horror, morbidness, melancholia and madness created by the conflict of the infinite passions proper to the human existential labyrinth. Besides, each step the band takes is meticulously planned by its members, from lyrics and melodies to graphical arts and cenography, by using their very diverse professional aptitudes. This goes with their proposal to be a multimedia and artistically self-sufficient band.

Largely acclaimed by audience and critic, their debut record - Offering - had its pulling completely sold-out and was very divulgated through the band's gigs, on the Internet and by various presentations at midiatic means of their home-town, like Jornal O Povo (many times in the sections related to arts and culture), TV Dirio (at the Caderno 3 show among Montage, nowadays one of the great references of Brazil's electro-rock bands), TV Unio (interview at Da Hora show), TV Assemblia (interview at O Quarto show) and the radiofonic show CE-95 of Radio Mix (which has a great audience among the young audience; Plastique Noir played alive and was interviewed at the top of radio's building, one of highest points of Fortaleza city). In a national level, the band was notable in a recent notice at Valhalla Music Magazine, where was chosen as the 2006 revelation band . Some songs of this initial era are still playing at Radio Mix and Radio Guarani (on the countryside of the state of Cear), as well at the Internet's virtual radios, like The Maozoleum Radio (So Paulo) and Ralacoco Radio (Braslia). Plastique Noir's songs are been played also by well-kwon DJs in various parties in So Paulo (Maozoleum Party, Theatro dos Vampiros and Underground Lab) and in Portugal (Bouquet of Dreams). With effect, the growing and fidelity of Plastique Noir's audience is happening at many states of Brazil, like So Paulo, Bahia, Braslia, Paran, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Paraba, as well at other countries as Chile, Argentina, France, Peru and Portugal. The first invite for gigs outside band's home-town Fortaleza are for So Paulo (September 16), opening for the North-American band The Cruxshadows (the fifth band in audience's choice at Wave Gotik Treffen, the greatest goth festival on Earth, that happens every year at Leipzig, Germany) on their first Brazilian tour. In August 5, Plastique Noir played at one of greatest independent festivals of Fortaleza, Ponto.CE, with many local bands and national headliners such as Forgotten Boys, Ludov and Dead Fish. In december, it was invited to open the concert of Engenheiros do Hawaii, famous brazilian band. Played also in the Cena Som Project (University Theatre - UFC), Universities Bands Festival (Plastique Noir was one of the winners), Nietzsche-Deleuze International Philosophicus Symposium and for several editions of Dana das Sombras (gothic festival that happens every month, in Fortaleza city).

Now, Plastique Noir is working to publicize the follower of their well-succeeded E.P. Urban Requiems is the newborn opus, presenting 4 re-recordings from Offering and 4 new songs. Beside this, this year of 2007 keeps more positive things for the band, like tours and the invite to play at Wave Gotik Treffen 2007 editon, that will happen between 25th to 28th May, at Leipzig/Germany.




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Urban Requiems

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