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New EP from Ex-Gatsbys American Dream! Stream Now!


Genres: Indie / Electronic / Experimental

Location: Seattle, WA

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Members: Bobby Darling

Hello and welcome.
My name is Bobby, I used to play guitar for a band called Gatsbys American Dream. After the band went on indefinite hiatus a few years ago, I took a breather from the music industry and got a job working for an airline. I started flying all over the world, writing and recording music wherever my work would take me.

My folks passed away last Spring and I decided to take a chance and send my music to my good friends at Equal Vision Records. They wanted me to make a record, so I flew to Italy with my three best friends and made Travels, which EVR is going to early next year.

We backpacked all over the country, recording music, eating the local cuisine, and drinking lots and lots of wine. The tracks you can listen to right now appear on the Waking The Dead EP, which is available to download through Bandcamp now. You can download the EP for free, or pay whatever you would like. I am really excited for you guys to hear these songs.

Although a good amount of the music has to do with with my parents passing away, I would say that overall these songs are a celebration of life and I hope you enjoy them. I also hope to see you soon out on the road!


Download 4-song Waking The Dead EP - Choose Your Price!

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  • ClassicThomas said:
    http://justusofficial.com/ Indie/folk from Asbury Park, NJ Mar 28
  • Anthony Reed said:
    Love the new music, I still have my one point two t-shirt. Check out this stuff: http://www.purevolume.com/need2know Jul 25
  • Jessica said:
    this is.... amazing. best wishes (: Feb 06
  • wbbrady1113 said:
    Love the music. We need more people to make music for the love it, maybe then it wouldn't be hard to find the greats. And maybe then the greats would get more recognition. Feb 05
  • said:
    i love your voice :) the music is really, really good :) Feb 03
  • [[ecstasy]] said:
    Beautiful : )) Feb 02
  • Boreo Goes Acoustic said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/BoreoGoesAcoustic\ check this out. please comment and be a fan. thanks Feb 01
  • jessica said:
    Sweet music :D Feb 01
  • JJKJE said:
    i reallly like gold finger plz come check out http://www.purevolume.com/darkloud and tell us if you like it if not well its worth a shot Feb 01

Waking The Dead EP

Mar 16, 2010

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