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Genres: Metal / Comedy

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 2 fans / 493 plays / 2 plays today






Members: Anthony, Jason & John

John R. Niles and Tony De Perio met in the Indiana heartland through the small town circuit of drinking, womanizing and general debauchery. Eventually moving to Chicago, both find themselves unemployed and sleeping on the couch of one Jason Kyrouac. Jason's disillusionment with playing music, Tony's motivation for the rock and a summer of collecting Sabbath and Rush records; these three men form a bond that would stretch for years of instrumental heavyness. After months of coaxing, John soon joined the fold and they went on a two year endeavor of writing and reworking songs before releasing anything and playing the rare show.

Which leads them to their first EP on Grey Flight Records. John's bowel loosening bass tone is the center for which Tony's constantly changing riffs can lay. Jason's hyperactive drumming keeps the motor running on overdrive sending them to the rare air where few of us would dare to tread. Too stoned to realize their own complexity the Pines first EP is a call to arms for all the closet heshers to raise their arms in victory and hail the rebirth of the rock.




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