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Real Estate Agent Assistant Agreement

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Utilizing an assistant agreement is vital when employing a real estate property assistant. It will describe the significant relationship between you and the assistant. The first thing you should look at is whether he or she is a worker or being employed as an independent contractor. If you opt to offer an employee you will need to deduct taxes, social security and unemployment insurance using their pay. This requires plenty of record keeping by you plus the added expenses you incur through an employee...

So after consideration most agents that hire assistants choose the independent contractor status. There is no need to do any of the withholding. You just have to give a 1099 form. There is no salary just a commission or fee as payment or services rendered payment. This fee may also be deductible in your taxes as a possible expense.. It could be cognizant of check with your accountant to find out the way to handle the payment schedule.

You ought to hire an assistant that has a dynamic emlak ilan siteleri license if they do not get one it is going to limit these phones doing only how much of an unlicensed person can perform. This makes a very huge difference because there are many tasks that need an authorized agent to execute. Some of the requirements you should consider when interviewing an assistant could be having computer skills in programs for example Microsoft word, excel or comparable programs. Should they don't have a mobile computer you might need to provide one. Although this is an expense the investment will prove definitely worth it.

Let's talk about what else a contract ought to do.

Define the job hours
Define commission or payment services
Explain what duties you expect from an assistant
Assist with showings
Assist with market value reports
Go on rate report appointments along
Set Appointments
Do open houses
Record keeping
Hand out flyers
Place signs for open houses
Make calls in your stead
Prospecting for first time business
Review the daily updates for the MLS
Preview new listings
Meet all your customers and clients
A team player attitude

You have to determine a payment schedule of how much, how and when usually the assistant should be expecting payment. Your small business growth really should have a positive change on commission increases to the assistant. A confidentially clause is important to possess inside your agreement. The assistant got to know that what happens between both of you stays confidential. Having one of these all on paper set the principles. Your assistant are fully aware of their job description in addition to their duties.. A real emlak sitesi should protect both parties.

Posted Apr 20, 2015 at 1:11pm