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Pile of Corpses


Genres: Death Metal / Metal

Location: Brazil

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4 tracks

Members: Chefe (Baixo); Alba (Vocal); JP (Guitarra); ?? (Bateria)



Pile of Corpses plays Death/Thrash Metal. P.O.C's songs mix heavy and brutal riffs with extremely fast drums and aggressive vocals. Their songs vary in theme. Normally they address real and bizarre events experienced by the band members as in the case of the song "The Pedophilous Santa Claus", which tells the true story of a man who would dress up as Santa Claus to rape children, taken from a Brazilian TV show. Some songs are satirical, such as the song "Estupra Mas Não Mata", which is a statement made by a famous Brazilian politician called Paulo Maluf that could be translated as "Rape, but don't kill". By blending all the vast themes found in P.O.C's songs, the band members have baptized their metal genre as EXTREME POLEMIC DEATH METAL.


The band's name was created by Alexandre "Chefe" (bass) as he was looking over some pictures of piles of corpses during the holocaust on the Internet. At that moment he thought that nothing could be more brutal and controversial as pictures involving the holocaust. It is important to say that the band's name is neither an apology nor a protest against the holocaust and World War II. Pile of Corpses would like to state that they are by no means a Nazi or white power band.


Alexandre "Chefe" started the band and earned his nickname by the other band members that can be translated as "Chief" or "Boss". It took one year to get the lineup and to start their activities. With André Alba on vocals, J.P. on guitars, Chefe on bass and Grafite on the drums, Pile of Corpses released their first Demo CD in 2003 entitled Hail War. The demo contained 5 P.O.C. songs and a cover for Kreator's Coma of Souls. The demo was praised by Brazilian websites and fans, but the band members were not satisfied with its quality as it was recorded live and decided to re-record it in 2004 at Plug&Play Studios, São Paulo. The new Demo contained the same 6 tracks and was baptized as Hail War (Enhanced). After 3 years playing local gigs the band decided to record new material, being their last before a full-length CD could be put out. The EP Santa Claus is Cumming… was recorded at Mr. Som Studios in São Paulo containing 3 new songs and a cover for Cannibal Corpses' A Skull Full of Maggots. Up to 2009, the band has dedicated itself to playing live, advertizing their music and working on new songs. In the beginning of 2010, the band had a line-up change, when drummer Grafite left to me replaced by Lucas. While the band was still making auditions for their future drummer, the band members worked hard on their debut album to be released in the beginning of 2011.



Hail War (Enhanced)

Nov 14, 2004

Hail War

Jul 20, 2003


United States


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