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PIF - (Paid in Full)


Genres: Rock / Christian / Alternative

Location: Portland, ME

Stats: 159 fans / 21,264 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josh, Swiff, James, Joe

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Though the name PIF might sound like the initial release from opening a can of soda, the bands energetic, pop-rock sound and unique approach packs a much more lasting punch than the fiz of so many bands.

The eventual result of frontman Josh Linscotts jamming with three friends in a group he loosely called Four Guys in a Garage in 2001, PIF has helped fill a specific void in the Northeast music scene.

We always had a great time playing music together and all have a pretty positive outlook on life, Linscott says. so, our music isnt another rage-fest or more whining about how bad things are.

PIFs (formerly Paid in Full) positive, family-friendly music and humorous stage show hits a chord with people who are tired of the negative and looking for something to smile and laugh about.

While the consistent electricity of the music keeps listeners' feet moving, the focus of the lyrics stands out with in a message aimed at todays generation. The message? Dont give-up, set your own path and invest in your fellow man.

Everybodys all emo, today. Either that or they are screaming about pain or about how hard life is, says lead guitarist Kienan Reilly. It can be pretty depressing if thats all you listen to. We wanted to put together a project that gave hope and got people to dream about what can be.

Dreams For A Generation, released in October of 2005 hits that mark with songs like Hello CEO and American Dream questioning the wisdom of a society driven by materialism at the expense of human relationship. Breaking Barriers provides another energetic rocker that defies anyone who might stand in the way of a brighter future with lyrics Amidst the doubters telling me, Youre never gonna reach to touch those stars that you seek. You cant stop me.

The single "Tolerate This" off Dreams for a Generation broke into the top 100 radio play list for indie radio at Indie Heaven in early November and reached number 29 by December 7. As of this writing, it continues to climb.

Although not preachy in any sense of the word, the strong Christian faith of band members becomes evident in the simple, refreshing piano ballad hidden at the end of track 11 as Linscott sings, Seven days, twenty four hours, many mysteries. Eighteen years, a million fears have been set free. One Man, one plan, to take the fall. Restoration for every nation. One way for all.

PIFs professionalism and confidence at such a young age (band members are 16-20 years old) has come from playing more than 150 shows over the past four years for audiences from the tip of Maine to Orlando, Florida for audiences as large as 1,800 strong.

The future looks bright for PIF, but for now, band members are content having a great time using their unique music, energy and positive outlook on life to encourage people. It can be summed up in their song Why Not which points to the good and asks Why not enjoy this life?

From flying rubber chickens to screaming guitar solos and smooth bass riffs, PIF does not disappoint in its mission to bring out the positive and provide a great package of solid musical entertainment.


  • Karen said:
    My daughter and I used to go to all your concerts but we cant find any of your cd;s anymore. does anyone know where they can be found. thanks karen and kristy, nj Sep 10
  • Joel said:
    joe tounge loves male penis's Oct 15
  • kaitlyn*93 said:
    the Hey lovin the music. Loving it even more cuz your from my home sttae cant wait to hear more from you Oct 09
    Sweet amazing music. I really like Tolerate This and Breaking Barriers. Keep it up guys! God bless, peace, love and harmony. Aug 12
  • CraZiixoBrun3tte said:
    Wow you guys are awesome! Jul 10
  • Save The Sunrise said:
    Hey. I found you because i did a random jump for christian artists. You guys are amazing. Keep it real and keep spreading the love. ~ Living it hardcore fo Jesus ~Heather Mar 22

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