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Yeah Boy and Doll Face


Added May 12, 2008



Comments (19)

  • Dragon_Fly said:
    :D Feb 08
  • Shawn P. said:
    this song makes me think alot about my ex girl overdosed right in front of me once she's still alive but i still wish i could be with her!!!! Jun 23
  • rayrayy said:
  • - Viiew ' said:
    nice video :D Jun 18
  • Jaki said:
    Totally Awesome!! May 16
  • omgitsjeyk said:
    yo i like this girl :) ohh my the vid Jun 07
  • xKRCx said:
    My favorite song from you!... and now i'm addicted to this video!.. the girl's so cute and ur damn hot!!.. x]] Mar 01
  • together with sundown said:
    i REALLY love this vid. FAVORITE song of the day! ha Dec 26
  • Anna Grace said:
    the lead singer is sexyyy ;) but awesome video! Nov 19
  • Nicollette Gauthier said:
    this is my favorite song, and I love the video to it. :] Oct 16
  • lizs said:
    pure awesomeness. Sep 13
  • Emily said:
    love this video and song can't stop watching it!!!you guys get mad props! Jul 22
  • none111324a said:
    YAAAAAAHHH!!!! i have loved this song for so long!! and now that it has a video i am extatic!! Jun 11
  • Stephanie said:
    aghhh i love the video!!!!!!!!!! you guys are AHMAHZINGGGGG!?!!!!!!!! Jun 05
  • Super Sadie said:
    o my gosh thats an awsome and very cute video :] May 16