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Pieces of Eight


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Edina, MN

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Members: Tyler Weber (vocals, guitar), Jake Hemmerle (lead guitar, vocals), Dave Donovan (drums), Sam Peterson (rhythm guitar, keys)

Many people often ask, "What is Pieces of Eight"? This is a question that can be answered very easily. Pieces of Eight is the reason that you dance. We are your highs and your lows. The reason you laugh at a joke or cry at something sad. We are the sticky thing that you just stepped in. We exist in parallel and perpendicular universes. We are a figment of your imagination and more real than a bag of marbles. We are the ones who tuck you in at night and wake you up the next morning. We are the prize in the Cracker Jacks box and in your cereal. We are grammatically incorrect. We are walking talking oxymorons. And we probably can't spell but we don't care. We are you and for you.



Cat in the Bag EP

Jul 31, 2008