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  • NITHI said:
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  • veronica peircen said:
    i loooooooooooove it!!!!!! OMG dude fucking excellent Dec 02
  • sunshine : ] said:
    absolutley amazing. May 31
  • sunshine : ] said:
    absolutley amazing. May 31
  • Account Not In Use! said:
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  • EW_ROCKS said:
    I cant belive you guys split up =[[ american hearts will forever live piebald forever Nov 17
  • GarrettSullivan said:
    Hey guys, I checked out your \"behind the video\" video ...video video... and thought it was great! If you\'re looking for places to share it, Grouper is launching a video music magazine this summer called Sound Check where indie bands and fans can upload and share their music videos, EPK%u2019s, backstage moments, and live shows! Check it out: http://www.grouper.com/outreach/soundcheck Jun 21
  • smileluvsrejects said:
  • said:
    hey hope to see you in Tampa, glad I saw ur add on questionablecontent.net ;) Mar 02
  • tanacea said:
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  • EleventyErica said:
    i respect you for using a veggie oil-powered vehicle to tour. i love the environment, and now, i love you even more too =] Feb 04
  • annalever said:
    awesome music. awesome name. c.s. lewis, right? Feb 02
  • said:
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  • swmchk93 said:
    sry but i think u guys suc. whoever the singer is needs 2 learn how 2 sing Dec 21
  • bo_janglz said:
    What\'s up guys. Hopefully the name Diana Velasquez rings a bell. She grew up with you guys (and i\'ve heard mikes name mostly). I live with her right now out in california, and actually met a couple of you guys when you visited one time. I just wanted you all to know that she\'s got us all listening to your music. Keep up the good work fellas.......and hopefully you find that yellow bus one day. Dec 20
  • bo_janglz said:
    Dec 20
  • Vladimirnesty said:
    hi Dec 20
  • Vladimirnesty said:
    hi Dec 20
  • Liefie said:
    Nice music. Still We Let It Choke Us, is awesome! Dec 15
  • prettyxxpistol said:
    hey i saw you at the starland ballroom in new jersey. you guys were awsome! that show amazing glad your tour was good =] Nov 25