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Genres: Rock / Reggae / Rockabilly

Location: Detroit, MI

Stats: 7 fans / 3,335 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ralph, Mike & Tim

With a poppy combination of swing, reggae, rockabilly and surf, Philo-san (fye-low sahn) has created a unique sound that is redefining Detroit Rock. Hailing from suburban Detroit, this distinctive trio combines catchy melodies, quirky guitar licks, funky bass lines, and versatile drumming to form a retro-rock sound that is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Forming out of life-long friendships, the members of Philo-san have witnessed each others growth into committed musicians first-hand. Since joining musical forces in 2003, Ralph Mangeno (guitar/vocals), Mike Boettner (bass) and Tim Cooper (drums) have all shared the common goal of creating music that is raucous, danceable, and memorable.

Creating, learning, and performing together, members of Philo-san are now looking to take their show on the road to bigger and better things. In support of the debut album, "Mind Over Manners," Philo-san is set to continue its trend of winning over crowds, one show at a time.

Check out Philo-san's official website for show dates, news, photos and more. . .


  • Sammie08 said:
    Hey! this is sammy I\'m talking to one of you guys on Victorme.com. just commenting you to say good luck with your band I hope it goes far. you guys Rock hardcore and I wish you all the best. take care -Sammy Jul 18

Mind Over Manners

Feb 01, 2007


No release date


United States


Lincoln Park, MI


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Gentilly, LA


Rochester, NY

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