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Petula Beckles

A well rounded musical genius who's uncanny ability to subtly blend The Gospel with Jazz and Caribbean flavors, is the quintessence of musical perfect


Genres: Christian / Jazz / Soul

Location: New York, NY

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Petula Beckles: Sharing her song with the world

See in your mind's eye the words and sounds of a tangible and enticing creation that is diverse and exhilarating. Envisage a sound that is bright and colorful; a vacant void of compositions given substance and existence through a desire and a passion to honor and glorify the creator of the gift. Insert the CD, press play and experience a melodic and devout love offering, expressed and designed to minister and tend to the matters of one's heart and salvation. The gentle murmurs of a humble servant's prayer subsist by means and necessities of intercession; tired yet soft eyes which may gaze through the sight of a grandmother or grandfather signify pleas of mercy and grace for the young, defenseless and innocent. And to inspect the soul of one believer would tell a thousand stories, share a million woes and express far more miraculous victories.

A new face to the game of gospel with influences such as Nat King Cole, CeCe Winans and Babbie Mason as vocal mentors and desires for high aspirations and even greater ambitions, Petula Beckles has emerged from enclosed shadows and shifted gears towards making her mark within the wonderful and fulfilling ministry that is gospel music. First encounters may cause one to note her afro as her trade mark and her height as her fascination factor. Yet to partake of the offerings outpoured from her vessel is to sense her immense love for the master and desire to share her song with the world. Claiming Tobago, New York and Florida as her various homes at assorted times in her life this musical minister brings style, flavor and diversity to the table in hopes that all who perceive her sound may not only feel blest but also catch and retain the same love for the gospel and its message as she does. "Gospel is what I know. The Gospel and Gospel music have always been my inspiration. My reason to carry on."

Although her presence is unfamiliar to the world at large, the novel and innovative talents and abilities of this rising vocalist are ones which have matured and gained the favor and blessing of God throughout the years. A vocal ability consecrated and positioned from the tender age of four and progressing through the journey till the age of thirty; the twists and turns which have landed Petula where she is today indicates that her calling is sure and her destiny has been set. "I remember singing with the children's choir "kid's praise". I was a little shy, but still loved to sing. My brother Handel taught me my first song, "try Jesus" and up till this day I haven't sung it yet. My first solo performance (that counts), was when I was about 10. It made me feel as though I was doing something meaningful, and as life went on, I have seen more meaning. The joys of seeing someone give them self to Him all over again is a blessing."

One can possess a talent and use it occasionally, obtain a treasure and hoard it for one's own personal gain, or even stifle a beautiful gift out of fear or uncertainty. But to recognize a calling, conceive the dream and instigate advances towards realizing one's destiny is a commendable attribute of character that can take one far in life. Through all the various hills and hurdles faced to get to where she is today, Petula strives on taking all she has gained from the past to pursue her future. Working in Karaoke Bars, singing in college choirs on full scholarships and meeting with several record labels in the past have all been apart of her molding and shaping in landing her where she is today. "I decided to make the step, but didn't really know just how big the step would have been or where it would take me. I thought I would just record some cover songs and sell them, but God had bigger plans for me. He put a song in my heart and family and friends that encouraged me to sing it."

With Christ as her main influence and driving force in attempting to reflect the patterns of His life, love and ministry, Petula has compiled a selection of innovative and creative songs to produce as her love offering, "My song of Jesus". "As mentioned before he is my inspiration. I want everyone to know him by sharing how he has made me feel, and let them know how they can feel that same way. Such a deep connection with someone is only possible through Him." Claiming a style that according to Petula is "all me", this gospel vocalist has not sectioned herself off into any particular genre or musical style. "It is the Gospel. It doesn't matter to me what rhythm or chord progression is behind it," one can however detect a little dab of jazz and blues injected into Petula's musical vibe. The album includes Petula's single and music video "Can't find the words" along with links to her website and downloadable screen savers. Some other cool tracks that will tickle your musical taste buds and leave you spiritually filled are selections such as "My Lord" (vadoo), "Taste and See", and the vivacious "I Love You Lord"; a song that have had praise and worshipers on their feet. Also available is "Today I will shout" Petula's first single which was released in 2006; "It was my first song ever written, at a time when I was down and out because I was no longer in a situation that I thought I needed to be in. I just took my guitar and started playing it as though I knew what I was doing. Words were placed to melody and at that moment I realized I was free. He had brought me out."

"My Song of Jesus" is Petula's gift in song presented to the world. Look out for it in stores everywhere, including iTunes, rhapsody, lala, and more. To experience the blessings of Petula's music ministry live and in its entirety stay posted to website announcements for tour dates and locations on Petula's appearances.

Visit Petula online today at: http://www.petulabeckles.com.



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