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Peter Pepper

Totally Amp'd Up Record & Tour, Everywhere 2011!!!


Genres: Alternative / Punk

Location: Saint Petersburg, FL

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Peter Pepper vs. The Great Whatever

Loss of direction. Lack of feeling. The question 'what do I do now'. The Great Whatever is a vicious force. It's everything you don't know. It's everything difficult, everything that sucks, and every unanswered question swirling around you.

The Great Whatever represents what I was going through while writing this record. It is about taking it all head-on.

Everyone, I believe at some point experiences it.

Asks themselves,

What the fuck am I doing?
Why am I doing it?
Am I happy?
Is there anything more out there?

Yeah, there is… Choose to see it, take action.

Are you lost or free?

When reality comes crashing it's your chance to make a decision or get crushed. What'll it be?


It is your opportunity to destroy the looming malas we are told to settle for. It is your opportunity to fight being told to bandage your feelings through consumption. It is your opportunity to wage against settling for fear of being alone and it is your opportunity to realize the future is yours in the making.

There's a time.

These opportunities will appear throughout the rest of our lives.

Peter Pepper vs. The Great Whatever is a battle of perception. Ask yourself...

What side are you on?

-Peter Pepper

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