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Permanent Holiday Pro


Genres: Rock / Rock / Rock

Location: Derry, NH

Stats: 373 fans / 39,673 plays / 216 plays today





25 tracks

Members: Zanca,Mccoole,Josh,Jay


  • Next Vacation said:
    love u guys Oct 12
  • ashatown said:
    lol....song for me??? :) Oct 25
  • ashatown said:
    hey hey guys remember mee???? oh shit...yer van broke down??!! that sucks...wanna smoke??? Oct 25
  • !!MyFinalWinter!! said:
    Omg ur amazin I love u guys!!!!!!!! Mar 09
  • ♫ ♪AnasTasia♫ ♪ said:
    heyllo!! i took a listen, and you sound great!! i was just wondering if you could help me out a bit by joining Noisetrend. com (no spaces) it would really mean a lot to me. also, im sure you'll gain some new listeners!! thanks and happy holidays!! (|^.^|) AnasTasia Dec 24
  • Ashley said:
    You guys are awesome. Can't wait to see you soon. [: Jul 20
  • Ava Adore said:
    i miss you guys hXc. what the hell. come back to NH and play small local venues again like the margate! Dec 28
  • guitar man said:
    really really cool stuff!!!!! i really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 15
  • Scottface said:
    So I totally offered you guys foot massages though I hate feet just to be on your top friends on myspace and I did not make it...I'm sad, haha. Sep 12
  • Brando said:
    Whats up guys. Nice music, cant wait to see you in greenfield the 2nd Jul 24
  • turbopidar said:
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  • Ava Adore said:
    hi! i miss you guys so so so much. come play another show in laconia NH like you used to Jun 01
  • Ava Adore said:
    i miss you all. when are you coming back to lonely laconia?? Mar 31
  • Ava Adore said:
    bitchin\' new songs guys. i miss you all! come play some more gigs in old new hampshire?? Feb 17
  • ahottertouch said:
    hey guys. you rock so hard. I love you all. IM me some time CurseofCurves47 Dec 23

Building a Catastrophe

Jul 21, 2008

Demo 2005

Jul 30, 2005

Northeast Sampler

Nov 30, 1999

As The City Sleeps EP

Nov 30, 1999

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Next Vacation

Cooper, NY

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