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It's fricken' November already! We can't believe that we've been working on this album for a few months already, but the hard work (or lack thereof) is starting to pay off. The first few songs are pretty much done with the mixing process, and a few others are just in their infancy of the mixing stages. We've got a few new songs that we've decided to record and possibly include in the first pressing. We've all got some good song ideas and structures, so the past few practice sessions have been very inspirational to say the least. When we all get running and fire on all cylanders, we're hard to beat as far as work ethic goes. It's getting to that point that is kind of a pain.

The first four songs are "Perfect Criminals", "It's So Easy", "The 50's Song", and "Forgotten Memories (Power Ballad Time)". The mixes are pretty complicated for the first three, but the slow song is still pretty bare bones. I might be able to put one up soon, but no promises (as that wasn't the case last time). It would probably be "Perfect Criminals" as it came out pretty cool. The sound is insanely different in comparison to our first demos. The instrumentation is pretty similar, but we've all gotten better at our respective instruments, and quite frankly, the mix is way better. Looking back, I can't believe we were so satisfied with our inital product, but that's the perils of inexperience in the music industry.

Not to knock our previous engineers/"producers", but we got what we paid for. We didn't put enough cash into our projects to warrant a great sound, I guess. But whatever, we can't get too pissed about stuff like that because it's in the past and we're at another level now. And we're putting more money into it. So, that plus the fact that I'm trying to mix it myself, and I understand a little more about recording as a whole, makes the process a little easier and more fun.

That notwithstanding, we've played a little bit lately. We were at the Pony last month with Mean Venus & Smokin' Aces, which didn't seem like it was going to work out when it was suddenly booked (we didn't all really confirm that date), but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was like a throw-away show that we didn't have time to practice for and didn't bother to make a set-list, but damnit we're professionals. Don't let anybody tell you different. In all seriousness, we got together one the week before and learned a new song in about an hour, so in that instance I think we did pretty damn good.

But it looks like we're going to be a bit stingier (is that a word?) as far as practices go. We've been really lazy lately on that end, and if we want to have these songs ready by the next time I go in to lay down a few drum tracks then we've gotta get off our asses and do something. It's difficult because we all have jobs and/or school that makes it not at all easy to get together on a regular basis. But we do what we gotta do, and we gotta get this stuff done. We're looking for the mastering process to be done before the end of the year, but at this rate we can't guarentee anything. It really depends on how quickly the mastering company can get our stuff back to us...

And on the merch front, NEW Perfect Crime shirts will in all likelihood be available way before the new album (haha). We've had a chance to take a look at the rough decal and it's looking pretty bad-ass. We'll have those out before December if our guy can give us the final draft within a week or so. But finally all you seething Perfect Crime addicted lunatics can get your dirty little paws all over some sweet official swag. And all you normal fans can get 'em too.

Also, we'd like to say congrats to our friends in the Zombie Mafia (featuring Perfect Crime's own Count Josferatu) for playing a great show opening up for the Misfits last week. It was a really good time, and while I personally missed their set (slave to the grind) I heard that they did very well. The rest of Perfect Crime was in attendance as told me they kicked ass. And from what I heard, the crowd reaction spoke for itself. However, now that they've done that show, we're taking Joe back so he can get these songs done.

As always, we'll keep you posted on all fronts. Thanks again for all your support and friendship, it's pretty cool. Hope to see ya all soon, maybe... at Starland? :)

- Cigar

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